How To Wile Away A Friday Afternoon

On Friday afternoon I met hubby in downtown Phoenix.  He had the day off and I was lucky to be out of work early.

It was a great way to start off the weekend and it was also one of the last weekends where we’ll actually comfortably be able to sit outside as the ‘Big Heat’, as I call it, is right around the corner.

While I could’ve taken pics of the fountains and copper statues, there were so many other interesting things to get shots of.  I love how the clouds and the building across the way are reflected in the mirrored windows.

The architectural designs of the nearby buildings really caught my attention (must’ve been the wine).  I love the lines and how they look against the sky and also the open window in the stucco building.  It’s funny that I’ve been here many times and this particular visit I really noticed the lines and reflections of everything around us.  Not too shabby of a way to start a weekend if I do say so myself.  And I do say so!

25 thoughts on “How To Wile Away A Friday Afternoon

  1. After a glass of wine I would have toppled over while taking those pictures 😛 Losing my balance just looking at them. Really nice!

  2. You two were meant to be together… everything happens for a reason. Que viva el amore!

    What a beautiful view. I love it!

    • You know Zoom, I was telling a lady I know about our little ‘date’ last Friday and she asked me how long we had been together. When I told her 7 years she said that was a wonderful thing that we could still sit and talk to each other. It is a wonderful thing…y si, que viva el amore. Ya acuerdo.

  3. How lovely. I just got to spend two Fridays in a row with my hubby, but only because I had to work other days… But it was a nice treat because the first one was his birthday.

    • How nice! Don’t you just love these impromptu days? My hubby is off again this Friday so I’m hoping to find another place where we can both hang out at Friday afternoon. It’s nice when you can still go out on ‘dates’ with your husband.

      • When I still worked in the city, we’d meet for lunch once a week. I only got 30 minutes, so Rich would get our sandwiches and sodas from a nearby deli, then meet me at the office. I would have parked on the top floor of the 5-story parking garage, facing west towards the glorious San Diego bay. We’d walk to the car and eat our sandwiches in the car, enjoying the view. Then he’d walk me back to the office. It always felt like “stolen” time, those little romantic lunches.

        • What a wonderful memory you have from those experiences. I could picture it in my head. I think these are the things you never forget. I remember the first time my husband (then boyfriend) came back to Boston with me to meet my family it had started snowing. I remember looking up at him and seeing the snow in his hair and thinking that never in a million years would I have expected to see snow in his hair like that where we live and met in the desert. I knew on that trip that he would become my husband.

  4. geocacherinkerstin

    love the reflection shot and the architecture shots are very impressing. The first shot looks inviting. Is this your sunglasses in the middle of the table? Have a nice day 🙂

  5. I love the angles and the sky behind it. How lovely.

  6. Nice – like the clean lines and the crisp scenery. How is your weather there? We’re soggy here but getting better.

    • I had the perfect view and the scenary was just begging to be photographed. It is getting warmer here. We’ve had a few comfortable days but its supposed to be in the 100s by the end of the week. I did hear you were getting some weather there. I hope it clears up soon, especially for Memorial Day Weekend.

  7. These are such beautiful photos. Hope it was a lovely weekend!!

    • Thanks LB. It was a great weekend. Then we had the added plus of the world not ending which is always a good thing in my book. 😉 I hope you also had a nice weekend.

  8. Love the architecture – and I love mirrored buildings. What a wonderful way to start the weekend. LOL – things are relative aren’t they – we were saying on the w/end that there will only be a few more weeks we can sit outside before it’s too hot to do it here! (it’s not really the heat here, it’s the humidity).

    • Glad you enjoyed that Emjay. It was a great way to start off. I’m hoping we’ll be able to do it again this Friday but we’ll most likely be inside this time.

      Its so funny; we wait for nice weather and then it is such a short time that we can really enjoy it much.

      • When we bought our house I was so excited to have the decks and the courtyard as I imagined all these outdoor dinners and lazy weekend afternoons sitting around with friends. The reality is that it’s either mostly too hot or too cold to really enjoy it more than about 3 months of the year. I really love having an “outside” though after living in an apartment for 7 years!

  9. ElizabethFrank123

    I’m gonna thank the wine for this! haha great pictures 🙂

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