Bake Quest Ideas Needed for June

Well, I’ve finally decided to be proactive and put this out there early instead of waiting for the first of the month.  How organized am I?

With that said any suggestions would be appreciated.  We could do recipes for the bbq or cooking from a different region (Japanese, Italian, etc…). 

So….anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?  I’ll give you the weekend to think about it.  😉

24 thoughts on “Bake Quest Ideas Needed for June

  1. LOL obviously I missed out on this one. But I intend to blog soon a couple of pictures of a birthday cake and a bread I made last weekend. Nothing particularly “region” about it – besides maybe the cake which seems to be very German 😛

  2. I second Kimmers – budget food, maybe fusion to keep everyone happy? LOL I realize that budget and fusion is an odd combo!

  3. How about budget food?

  4. geocacherinkerstin

    Asia food :-)I can give you a list for this to cook it 🙂

  5. Italian FOOD the best i think 😀 )

  6. British food. LOL

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