Humor For Wednesday (This one’s for you, Geology Woman)

Well, I was going to save these for Halloween but promised B I’d post these because they are pretty funny.  Translations included.  Enjoy!































12 thoughts on “Humor For Wednesday (This one’s for you, Geology Woman)

  1. LOL some people dare to speak their minds!!

  2. Hello..These are hilarious in English..In Espanol..very telling..what is ‘Halloweeny’ are the young ages of these young, good people..a great find and posting..Peace Tony

    • I also noticed that a few were quite young. I’m sure in Spanish they are not as funny but how they translate into English is where the humor comes from.

  3. Too, too funny. Are they for real or photoshopped??

  4. Those are too funny. I’d hate to see what might get written on my tombstone after seeing those! lol

  5. Talk about having the last word!

  6. Oh Wow. That is too too much. I read carefully through btu there are really no translation errors.

    I used to run in the Mt Hope Cemetary in Rochester NY. It has beautiful wide asphalt paths and nice hills, my favorite spot was one round tombstone at the top of a higher hill and all it said on the top was “SIT”

    • Isn’t that funny? I’m glad that the translation is correct. I actually received this in an email and decided to post it. That translation were already included and after reading through I wasn’t 100% sure they were correct. I will always be in the process of learning Spanish no matter how much I know I’m afraid.

      That is neat about the cemetery in NY. I used to work in Cambridge, MA and across the street was Mt. Auburn Cemetery. I’d sometimes walk in there at my lunch break. It was where quite a few presidents are buried and the trees and monuments were just gorgeous.

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