13 thoughts on “Thursday Funny

  1. That is a great, discriptive face that, I guess, is universal. Our cats, when checking each other out for odor, would make what we called ‘cheese face’ when the smelled was not considered up to par by the smeller..Peace Tony

  2. Very cute!

  3. Too funny. Some cats are very attracted to intense smells, even chemical smells. They’re weird animals.

    • Yeah, ferrets are like that too. Sometimes when I’ve come in from the gym, Smokey will stick her whole head into my sweaty stinky sneaker. I’ve been surprised that I haven’t found her passed out like kitty here. 😉

  4. i CC! Glad you enjoyed it. I did get a new ferret. Her name is Smokey and I adopted her from a shelter down in Tucson about amonth ago. Here is the post from then:


    She is 4 years old and just full of life. She really has been a joy. Thanks for asking. 🙂

  5. Hi there Monsoon, very cute 🙂 much like little children felines don’t lie .. smile
    Been wondering.. have you another little feret yet?.

  6. geocacherinkerstin

    LOL…how funny shots-the last shot is sooo cute 🙂

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