Quick Update

Yesterday I had posted an entry here, went back to reread it and thought it sounded a bit disjointed so henceforth it is now deleted.  We went last night to visit FIL in the hospital.  He was asleep the entire time but it appeared that the swelling in his face has gone down.  There were plenty of other relatives there, too.  We all took our turns visiting where only two are allowed in at a time.  SIL2 was trying to set up a schedule for visitation which didn’t fly well with hubby.  Amazingly enough we all seem to manage without her instructions.

I have had a small vacation planned now to visit family in Ohio.  Tomorrow I’m slated to leave for there and it really has been the furthest from my mind.  I asked hubby last night if he was okay with my going still.  He said he was fine with it and that I should still go where it has been almost a year since I’ve seen any of them.  I told him that I would be on the first flight back if he needed anything.   I still am having misgivings about going but my sister is having major surgery the day after I leave that will keep her laid up for a while so I’d like to see her still. 

Yesterday I received somewhat of what appeared to be a rather passive-agressive email from someone I deal with at work.  Rather than let it slide I wrote back and asked if there was anything he needed to discuss with me.  I’d rather nip this in the bud now than let this perpetuate.  He wrote back and was suddenly all business.  I returned the reply and said if there is anything you feel you ever need to discuss with me then please feel free to reach out.  Did I mention his manager was copied on this too?  Today I came in and the manager’s response back to me was, “You’re amazing.  Do you work your husband over this way too?”  Not sure why my husband needed to be dragged into it but since she was asking I replied, “Yes, actually.  I find it maintains the peace at home.”   

Looks like my latent smart-ass gene is finally starting to show, eh? 

Weatherwise it is just plain hot here.  When the sky turns white in the morning you know that we are in for a scorcher.  The temp on my computer reads 110 although I suspect it is probably a few degrees higher than that.  Hubby’s family from Texas are coming in this weekend and I believe they are staying at our house.  In part of FIL’s delirium he had mentioned a few family members he hadn’t seen in years.  While some are no longer with us, the few remaining members were contacted and they are travelling out.  I hope they don’t mind the temps here.

I am really very behind on catching up with blogs but promise to shortly.  I was checking out my stats the other day and saw that someone found my blog by searching on ‘chocolate massage’.  LOL.  Now doesn’t that sound nice?  Another day someone searched on ‘Christmas wire shoes’.  Oh, I can only imagine!  If anyone knows what those are then do tell! 

Well, I suppose I should leave off here and start getting things packed for tomorrow.  Hopefully I’ll remember everything I need to bring because my head has just been elsewhere.  Ohm, ohm, ohm.  😉

18 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Don’t mind 110 if it’s dry heat. High humidity though would kill me.
    Good for you taking on you co-worker like that. I’d probably just ignore it and grumble about it. Something to learn from you here.
    I hope you’ll have/have had a great time with you family. I am very much behind with everybody too. Blah! I hope I’ll get back on track again when I have a more scheduled life again. I feel bad not being around but can’t get myself to do it anyway.

    • It is humid now but not horrible. Last Saturday was 118. Whew! And I still haven’t gotten the a/c fixed in my car yet. LOL. I hope you are doing well and I will hopefully catch up soon with comments and blogs. 🙂

  2. You have a lot going on right now but I believe you sound like your head is still screwed on pretty tightly, which says how strong you are.
    If you do have to fly back before you had planned on for family emergency reasons, phone the airline directly and tell them. Some will let you have the ticket for normal price instead of the jacked-up next day price.
    Good going on the passive aggressive co-worker. I hate that crap. It is very useful to simply confront the person in a polite but strong way and you hit the nail on the head.

    • Hi GW, not sure if you are reading blogs at all now but regardless, thanks foryour response. I am way behind of answering blog stuff or commenting on other blogs.

      I also hate that crap. It really escalated once I was back in the office. I talked to my boss about it and luckily he saw that I had some valid points.

  3. Enjoy with your family, and make it unforgettable!

  4. It would be hard to keep chocolate from melting in that heat! 🙂 I just completed my mandatory sensitivity training this week – the comment made to you at work was really inappropriate – though I wouldn’t have needed the training to know that – and it was especially silly for the person to have put that in writing!

    I am glad that you are getting some time with your family. Family are important. I hope your sister’s surgery goes well. When my father had his stroke many years ago he was in hospital for about 6 months – my brother used to take dad’s dog to the hospital and either sneak it in or hold him up at the window! Chazz was a blue cattle dog and so loyal to dad. Some places allow animals around now as it’s been shown to lower blood pressure and just generally be good for the ill or elderly.

    • “it was especially silly for the person to have put that in writing!” Yep, but aggressive people do tend to do that, especially now that there’s email and they can’t take it back. They do dig their own graves, don’t they?

    • Sorry its taken me so long to respond. I did end up talking to my boss about all this. More drama was unfolding this past week and I had just had enough. People got very emotional rather than logical and it just ended up being downright ridiculous.

      My sister’s surgery did go well. She is recovering nicely and is way ahead of schedule which is better than anything we could have asked for. She is in really good shape so we atribute her recovery to that.

      That is so great about your Dad’s little dog. I’m sure that must have brought him a lot of cofort
      At the hospital my FIL was at they used dogs in a special program to vsit with the patients. What a great idea.i

  5. Wow, I don’t know if I’d be able to handle that heat. I’ve always had this curiosity of what it’d be like to live in Arizona. The temperatures have discouraged me. LOL
    I hope the trip helps the stress levels. 🙂

    • You really do get used to it. Its when things get above 110 then it starts to get a little annoying.

      I spoke with my husband last night and he said that his Dad had sat up in bed and was talking about how much he wanted to go home and see his dogs. I think that is the most lucid thing he has said in about 3 weeks so it makes me feel a bit better about being away.

  6. ElizabethFrank123

    Hope you have a fab time! Can’t wait for the pictures 🙂 be careful and stay safe

  7. Wow, that manager’s comment was *totally* inappropriate. You were pretty cool to let it slide, boss or not!

    Emmy prolly hit the nail on the head. Cranky, hell — I’d be ready to kill someone at 110F! 🙂

    • Yeah, I didn’t think it warranted that kind of response. I was basically stating in a non-snarky way that if there was something this guy needed to talk about then be straight about it and not hide behind some passive-aggressive statement and expect me to figure it out.

      Cranky is definitely a symptom of the heat. 110actually you can get used to but after that -whew- that’s when it gets a little difficult. 🙂

  8. OMG Girl, you deserve a boatload of chocolate after all that! Good on you forstanding up for yourself. Crap at work? That’st he last thing you need! Hope all goes well. 110F makes people cranky, I know.

    I love Christmas wire shoes, by the way. Now I want to make some.

    • Hey Emmy, yes, 110 is enough to make one a bit persnickety. Glad to be out of it for a few days. Its when things get between 118 and 120 like they do at least one week out of the summer, that I turn into a monster. LOL. I have at least a month before that happens though.

      I would so love to see what those shoes are. If you do decide to make some please do post about it. 😉

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