It’s Been A Little Dusty in These Parts

Perhaps you’ve heard of the great dust storm that took place here in Phoenix Tuesday night.  It was also known as a ‘haboob’ which still has me snickering like an adolescent boy.

It was a neat find to come across this picture because we had just left the skyscraper to the far left.  From my rear-view mirror I could see the dust approaching and thought that it was a tornado.  What you can’t see are the mountains that would be in the far south.  Another cloud of dust approached from this area.  Well, this made for an interesting ride home.  These storms block out the light so it was like driving in the middle of the night.  I turned my hazard lights on while driving and was lucky to still have some visibility, otherwise we would have parked somewhere and waited it out.

Immediately after the dust, we had a rain storm.  My car looks like I had been off roading.  What a mess.  I see a trip to the car wash in my immediate future.  We ran from the car to the house and I spent the rest of the evening trying to get that grit out of my eyes and mouth.  In 10 years of living here I have never seen anything quite like this.  I will be grateful though for the free microdermabrasion. 

The desert is such an amazing place; so different from any other place I have been or lived.  We have lightning storms without rain because the air is normally so dry that the rain evaporates before it hits the ground.  I will forever be in awe of the storms here.  Dust included.

16 thoughts on “It’s Been A Little Dusty in These Parts

  1. LOL “free microdermabrasion” made me laugh big time. You really have to see the positive in things 😆

  2. What an amazing photo! Dust storms, I think you have every one beat with that one. How exciting!

    • Hey! I was just thinking about you. I hope you, Masha and the buns are all doing well.

      Isn’t that picture cool? I also found on YouTube a video of it set to some dramatic music. I’ll have to post that. It was one monster of a storm. I see it even made Kerstin’s news.

  3. dust and rain – perfect world!

  4. Wow – makes me a little less annoyed at our thunderstorms : )!

    • LOL! Its just like a blizzard of sand. Luckily they don’t last long. I hear you on the thunderstorms though. We’ve had some intense ones in the middle of the night which makes it a bit hard to sleep. At least it cools things down some.

  5. ElizabethFrank123

    Whoa that’s crazy! great picture though!

  6. I have seen this pictures in the TV-what a bad thing-hope all is now o.k….

    • Wow, I didn’t realize word had spread to Germany, too. It was pretty intense but was over as soon as it started. It just left a lot of mud around but I didn’t hear about too much damage luckily.

  7. Wow, cool. Glad you’re okay too, that sound like it could be dangerous! I do hear they’re mistaken for tornadoes quite often, along with a bunch of other weather events.

    I love that word, microabrasion, by the way. Just thought I’d toss that in.

    • Thanks Emmy. The winds can be damaging that accompany it but the worse part is if you are on the freeway when one hits. There have been many massive car pile ups ecause of them. I can totally see how it would resemble a tornado touching down.

      LOL about the microabrasion. 😉

  8. Wow. Cool! I had not heard.

    Once I was going to Nigeria to do some work, and we ended up having to land in ghana which was a huge mess as none of us had Visas for Ghana…All due to the Harmattan winds….

    Never thought such a thing would happen in the US. Very cool.

    Hope your car gets clean soon!

    • Wow, MG, I had no idea you went there. That is really cool. We do get dust storms in the summer but they usually aren’t as big as the monster we had the other night. I did just take the car to get washed and it looks like storm clouds are gathering. Figures.

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