Finding The New ‘Normal’

This post was supposed to be a tribute to my father-in-law but I just realized when I scanned the pictures to use in this post that I stupidly saved them as pdf files (crappity, crap, crap, CRAP!).  My photo editing software won’t let me change them back into jpeg files so I will have to bring the pics back in to scan because I want everyone that reads that particular post on his life to have a visual of whom I’m referring to.

My goodness, it has been so hard to find time to blog as of late!  Not only that but it has been very difficult to keep up with friends here this past month.  I hope you are all enjoying your summer/winter, depending on where you are.

We have finally gotten back to work after the funeral for fil.  My husband told me that it felt strange just getting back to things.  I suppose there is no such thing as getting back to ‘normal’ after that kind of loss.  Maybe it becomes something else which is the new ‘normal’ if that makes sense.  My inlaws seem to be doing okay.  They are really tough people.  They are also surrounded by so many caring people and have had wonderful support.

On my side of the family, my sister made it through her surgery okay.  There was nothing cancerous found and she has been recuperating better than anyone has expected.  She is in really good shape healthwise so she attributes that as being the cause for a quick recovery.  It was a huge relief.  Unfortunately my uncle is living out his last days.  My Mom sends updates weekly. 

Work has been nuts for several weeks.  I had posted about a snarky comment made by a contractor a few weeks back who I had confronted.  Needless to say after a string of irrational emails and having to get my boss involved, the contractor finally quit.  It was a relief in all honesty.  As I looked back over the past several weeks I realized I have way more courage than I give myself credit for at times.  I didn’t participate in a screaming match or lose my cool.  I learned long ago that you can’t argue with irrational behavior.  As my bestfriend told me recently, “You just can’t argue with crazy.”  I also had to confront the manager that this contractor was working for.  She wasn’t taking my calls so unfortunately it had to be done over email.  Regardless it cleared the air.  She and I usually have such a great rapport.  It would have been a shame to let the actions of someone else ruin that.      We can’t shoot our own teammates.

So, I hope to be back in full force as I so much love reading and responding to blogs and also reading your comments on my own blog.  As far as the Bake Quest for July goes, I think at this point we’ll just start fresh for August.

12 thoughts on “Finding The New ‘Normal’

  1. I like that ” a new normal” and very much understand what you are trying to say. Even though it feels surreal and maybe even wrong – I think our loved ones want us to continue living our life ‘normal’. At least I would want them too. No point in putting your life on hold or change it (unless it’s to the better 😉 ) just because I am gone.

    • Hi Irony, I think they would want that too. Its just a matter of adjusting to life without that person in it any more.

      Hope things are going well for you in the UK! 🙂

  2. Many good wishes to your family. How sad about your father in law. I know the goal in times like these is to just get through every day. I am glad to hear your sister is doing okay. Stay strong, girlie.

    • Hi Emmy. Thanks for the well wishes. We all seem to be getting back to things here which is good. It will be nice to be back at it. Each day we seem to get a little closer.

  3. Keep us all posted!

  4. I’ve never been good with confrontations. But it is very true to keep your cool. My sister and I, when we were kids, would fight, and I would get so mad at her because she wouldn’t raise her voice. LOL! At least she figured it out.

    • Didn’t that just drive you crazy? LOL. A cool head definiltely prevails. The neat thing is that after everyone had calmed down a bit I was able to speak to each person individually and we completely cleared the air and figured out how we would handle things going forward. I also hired a new contractor yesterday, too so its good all around.

  5. The time passage heals it sad.

  6. All understandable. I hope you get the photo situation sorted out. IT does feel strange to just get on with things. My Mother after both her parents died said she felt terribly life an orphan, even though she had not been close at ALL with her Dad and her mother had sufferred Alzeheimers for years. I can not imagine how it feels, and I hope to not experience it soon…
    It just feels so almost, disrespectful to experience happiness, or do something mundane like, select a new set of sheets after such a profound experience.

    I do hope you will start to feel more at ease and have some more free time for things!

    • I finally got that post done today. It’s interesting what you say about your Mom. When my grandmother, who had outlived my grandfather by quite some time had died, I remember my mother saying the same thing. I can’t even picture that. I don’t want to either even though it is inevitable for all of us some day.

      Things already this week are starting to fall into place so I’m sure it’ll just be a matter of time.

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