Another Arizona Dust Storm

Monday evening we had another dust storm roll through.  Here are a few pics to show its progression:


There is a mountain range behind all that dust rolling in.  The dust obscures pretty much everything.

Here it comes!  I was bracing for impact.

Visibility gradually gets worse.




Darker still.

A veritable tsunami of sand.

These storms are very common here in the summer.  This year seems to be particularly active as many years we get maybe one or two all season and they aren’t nearly as widespread as these have been.  They are amazing to watch usually from the safety of one’s home.  Driving in them isn’t so fun but in a residential area it isn’t so bad.   Driving on the freeway surrounded by endless desert is where things really get tricky.


8 thoughts on “Another Arizona Dust Storm

  1. I was able to introduce a similar scene to the photograph of “Black blizzard” of you ahead (On around July 15) also on the television of Japan.
    I hope for the radioactivity material from “Fukushima” not to be contained from among “Black blizzard”.

  2. Whoa. Creepy! Maybe you should ask hubby to look at the car’s air filter…

    • That is a great idea. I am due for an oil change as well. There are several things that have been acting up in my car and I bet they are sand related. Thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t even think of that.

  3. ElizabethFrank123

    Be careful driving in that, looks scary!!

  4. Wow! I can not imagine driving in that. Especially on a free way….really interesting photos!

    • There are often 20 car pile ups when these hit and folks are on the freeway. Definitely not the place to be when one hits.

      They are neat though to watch. It looks like heavy fog but of course is really sand being driven by very strong winds.

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