A Weekend In Ohio

While this trip seems like a million years ago now, here are some pics I took while visiting family in Ohio:

This is the Cincinnati Transport Museum which was is a restored train station from the 1930s.  It was built in the Art Deco style and was really a fascinating building.  Amtrak is still in operation here and it was interesting to see the waiting room off the one side of the actual museum. 

This is a mural that was on the inside wall of the museum.  This place was really incredible.

These are the original ticket windows.  The ticket booth now houses the museum gift shop.

Another fantastic mural.

1910 poster.

Next up was a visit to Findlay Market.  Like most big cities Cincinnati has a marketplace for fresh fruits and veggies.

From what I was told, the upstairs of these old buildings are condemned so no businesses are in them.  This didn’t keep the flower boxes away though.  The facades of these old brick buildings were gorgeous.


Ohio has to be one of the prettiest states I’ve ever visited.  A decade ago when moving to Phoenix from Boston I drove through the middle of the state and there were so many areas that looked liked something out of a Norman Rockwell painting.  Ohio is also incredibly green.  After living in the desert for a while I’m not quite used to that much vibrant greenery.  I felt a little like Dorothy in the Emerald City.

If you ever visit Cincinnati plan on stopping at Findlay Market.  Try the Belgian waffles.  They are hot and fresh off of the waffle press.  We bought a bunch and then snacked on them all afternoon.  irresistible!

22 thoughts on “A Weekend In Ohio

  1. Wow!!! It is beautiful there. Looks like you had a very good and eventful vacation. Great photos!

  2. ElizabethFrank123

    Great pictures! Glad to hear you had a great time

  3. Great pictures! And the dust storm pics in your previous post are amazing too. That’s some strange weather!

    • Thanks Pam. We’ve had lots of storms this summer. Some summers we get nothing so something has definitely been up with the weather pattern this year.

  4. I am back on wordpress if you want to stop by.

  5. love all the shots…is on the last shot a flea market?

  6. Nice photos. I like the poster one best. I heard it has been very hot in the midwest!

    • Isn’t that neat? Yes, I heard it has been very hot there. Whats funny is that here in the desert the heat has actually been tolerable. My a/c is out in the car and it really hasn’t been that bad.

  7. My hubby grew up in Lorain, Ohio. It is so pretty and charming there. There are lots of murals like that in L.A. and S.D. The poster looks like it might have been painted by Mucha:


    • I think you are right. I just looked up the link you gave. Ohio is gorgeous. I think it would be the ideal place to grow up.

      • I grew up there, and its pretty good – you get all kinds of weather there, but not usually too intense. The 90 degree 90 percent humidity in August might be the worst, but you learn to tolerated it. There’s a city, and pretty much a little bit of all kind of culture – symphony, music, plays, and so on. The nice thing is that there’s enough of a population to support it but not so many at any one place to make it a trial to go experience it. If you go the other direction you can find farms and woods. The rolling country is easy to travel through but not so flat as to get boring. Washington DC and Atlanta and Chicago are a day’s drive away

        When I was growing up the farm stands were just a couple of miles to the north, where the farms were. Most of them have been overtaken with suburbia these days. but we used to go and pick our own tomatoes sometimes.

        In another ‘small world’ our school had a field trip on the last few days Union Terminal was open for trains, and it was closed for quite some time. I took a train in one year about 5 years later and it drove right past to some shack down by the river. Not a good ad for rail passenger travel by any means.

        • It does really sound like a great place to grow up. I really get that impression while visiting there. You don’t get too much snow there in the winter from what I’ve heard. A decade ago when I was driving through Ohio I happened across an old barn that had ‘Ohio’ written in red, white and blue. I have since seen this same barn with the same logo on it many times in pictures. If for some reason I ever move out of Arizona I’d probably move to Ohio. I like it there that much.

          That is really cool about Union Terminal. I had a client recently tell me a story about her mother taking a train from there to I think it was Oklahoma. World War II had just broken out and she was very nervous being so far away from home.

          Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your memories of Ohio. Such a great place.

  8. Really like that poster – where are the beautiful buildings being built now?

  9. Nice photos! I know after I did three months in New Mexico and returned Home to NC, everythign seemed Ultra-Green and Lush….

    • I guess its all what you are used to. 🙂 If I lived there I would probably take it for granted but it was very pretty. Of course they get a ton of rain there, too so that explains why things are so green. How did you like New Mexico?

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