Bake Quest Ideas for August Needed

Well, the July hiatus is almost over so it is time to start thinking about the August Bake Quest.  Is there anything you’ve been itching to make?  We could stick with the three ingredients or we could try cooking from another region, etc…

Please comment on any ideas you might have and I will announce the Bake Quest early next week.

I will be looking forward to our Fall Bake Quests.  Nothing like a crisp cool day to put one in the mind for baking! 😀


8 thoughts on “Bake Quest Ideas for August Needed

  1. I do agree with Kimkiminy. Let’s make something cold and distinctly summer-ish. 🙂

  2. How about some REAL food…like a main course pie. I just found this

  3. Anything cold and high-protein…

  4. does it have to be baking specifically? I could use some help with something specific:

    Low cal
    Nutrition packed
    main course
    minimal chopping involved
    not 900 hard to find ingredients…

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