September Bake Quest Ideas Needed

Hi All, it’s about that time again.¬† ūüôā¬† While thoughts of Fall have been settling in, it is still above 110 F in the desert as I type.¬† What are your thoughts for the next coming month?¬† Comfort food?¬† Regional cuisine?¬† Is there a specific ingredient you love to work with?

Feel free to comment and I will have the results posted after the weekend.


Another Week Down

I hope you are all enjoying the daily pics I’ve been posting here.¬† I wanted to do something fun in a series.¬†

As of today I still don’t know where the Smokester¬†will stay while we are away camping next weekend.¬† I’m having lunch tomorrow with a girlfriend of mine who has a teenage son so I might run it by her first to see what she thinks.¬† The best part about it is she lives directly next door.¬† While I love camping it does require a lot of preparation.¬† We have the camper stored out of town because hubby had been using it while he was working a distance away.¬† This will require 1.5 hour drive to get it and then another 1.5 hours to bring it back.¬† In addition there is laundry to be done, packing and grocery shopping.¬† Hubby has been working really sporadic hours so add that into the mix and it makes it hard to prepare.¬† Nevertheless, it will all be worth it in the end.¬† This trip is usually a blast.¬† I have to remember to defrost a turkey we have to bring.¬† Yes, we eat very well on these trips.¬† Kim, if you are reading, I will be making your homemade cranberry sauce that you posted about last year.¬† I’m sure it’ll be a hit.

Last weekend Athletica¬†and I were invited to join another girlfriend for a complimentary Thai kick-boxing class.¬† I was thinking this would be more on the lines of an aerobics class.¬† Wrong!¬† It’s funny how you can lull yourself into the belief that you are in such great shape until you try something different.¬† To warm up we had to do these jumps and then we had to place are hands on the floor while jumping our feet back and then forward.¬† Then you jump up in the air again and repeat several times.¬† After that you ‘bear walk’ to the other side of the mat where this is repeated.¬† A bear walk is somewhat like walking while in plank position.¬†

After several more repetitions of various calisthenics, we donned boxing gloves and Athletica and I, being the only two newbies,¬†were directed¬†to a row of¬†punching bags while the rest of the class sparred with each other.¬† The instructor was kind enough to lend me his boxing gloves.¬† We did many routines of hits and kicks using, in addition to our fists, our elbows and shins.¬† Instead of the usual upbeat tempos I’ve gotten accustomed to at the gym, hard rock was blaring over the speakers.¬† In a sense it was perfect.

Mid-way through the punching and kicking the music stopped and we were directed to get onto the floor on our backs to do scissor kicks to work the lower abdominals.¬† While I’m used to the regular sit ups, feeling what can only be described as the sensation of wet tissue tearing apart in the lower abs equaled great difficulty in getting one’s butt out of bed for the rest of this week.

I must have thought I was Rocky or something because when Athetica mentioned she would be headed to our regular gym to run where we have a few races coming up, I thought that would be a spectacular idea.  I felt pumped then and already warmed up so I thought, what the heck? 

Fast forward to Sunday morning. 

I could barely get up and here it is a week later and I am still in pain.¬† My shins bruised from kneeing the punching bag over and over and they are now the color of¬†bitter sickly yellow.¬† I really over did it.¬† ¬†It was really worth it though to step out of the regular comfort zone and try something new.¬† I will definitely go back but it may be a few weeks.¬† I’m waiting for my bones to knit first.¬† ūüėČ

Hubby and I have really gotten into the show Damages.¬† Anybody else watch that?¬† While documentaries are usually what I find myself tuned to and not so much to dramas (there’s enough of that already in a regular day), the acting in this by John Goodman is excellent.¬† I wouldn’t be surprised if he won an award.¬† Glenn Close and Judd Hirsch also star in it.

They have a pretty swell theme song too, that seems to stick in my mind throughout the day.  It reminds me of early U2 with the guitar harmonics and all.

Have a great weekend!