8 thoughts on “A Month of Joy

  1. Aaawww…so cute! Rubber ducky is the best…always makes you feel like a kid again.

  2. “Rubber ducky, you the one! You make bath-time lots of fun!”
    XD Sesame street still has its influences on me. 😛 And rubber duckies are it.

    • Oh my gosh! What memories. That was Ernie, right?

      This ducky made me remember years ago a girlfriend and I were at a party held by a guy she had been dating. He really wasn’t that nice to her and hads actually invited another girl to the party while she was there. (so bad!) To get even with him she went up to his bathroom and put his rubber ducky in the toilet. I’m sure he was quite surprised to see if floating in the commode later on that night. LOL. We still laugh about it even though she is now married to a wonderful man and has two kiddos.

  3. Especially one with pretty eyelashes!

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