8 thoughts on “A Month of Joy (8/6/11)

  1. I haven’t flown a kite in such a long time. Ah, reminds me of when me and my cousin got the kite stuck up in the power lines. Yup. Never got it back for good reason. XD We were still kids.

  2. love this shot very much…

  3. I’m loving this series!

    • So glad you are enjoying this. 🙂 Its been placing the pictures together. A lot of them seem to be provoking childhood memories and its been nice to see that.

  4. How cool! Kites are so pretty. I flew kites as a kid and I loved it 😉 just the easy ones, though.

    • I love seeing them at the beach. We also flew kites growing up. We used to go to a big parking lot to fly them. I think we had to make the tail out of rags. I’ll have to ask my Dad if he remembers.

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