14 thoughts on “A Month of Joy (8/7/11)

  1. I love fudgepops! But it’s funny, I could never handle most frozen drinks or pops. I almost always drink my water and soda lukewarm (except lately – the heat and humidity has been viscous here). Mudslides and such? Never. Way too cold especially if the restaurant is air conditoned. I think either HG or maybe you and I were talking about why some people can handle cold food, and some cannot?

    • I’ll be the one standing directly in front of the air-conditioner. Spooning ice cream into her mouth at such a rate as to get brain-freeze!

      • LOL. I’ll be right there with you! While I don’t like cold weather I love cold foods. Friday morning I stopped to get an ice coffee on the way to work and it was so refreshingly cold, I loved it. I limit myself to once a week but, oh! The tempation!

      • Ha! That type, eh? I don’t get brain freeze but cold stuff causes me pain sometimes, but that’s very cold stuff. I love moderately cold stuff on boiling hot days.

    • When its cold outside something cold to eat or drink is out of the question. This time of the year though the sky is the limit. It may have been HG you were talking about that with. I think everyone has their own temperature limit on things or maybe it is more of a sensitivity to temperatures. Fudgepops = Yum!

      • Aren’t they great? I also read that hot tea and spices can actually lower your body temperature? I’ve seen no evidence of that but it’s intriguting anyway.

  2. ME! ME! I’ll take one! Home-made popcicles seem to be the latest rage. You just have to get one of those molds and some sticks.

  3. looks good….but we I donΒ΄t need this….we have coldness and rain-yuck….what a rainy summer here 😦

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