14 thoughts on “A Month of Joy (8/8/11)

  1. Abby was driving, go on. Tell the truth! LOL!

    • Okay, you got me there. We figured where she was past 16 in dog years that maybe it was time. After passing her driver’s test we let her take the truck to the gas station. She was very excited to have hubby driving shot gun for a change. He took this pic of her and that is why she is smiling. Freedom! No more hanging out in the yard.

  2. Awwwwww he’s soooo cute!!!!!!! Adorable. 🙂

  3. Ha ha ha….how cool and funny. Where is this shot taken?

    • My husband runs errands on the weekends really early before it gets too hot and Abby likes to go with him. I think they had stopped at a gas station not too far from our home.

      • your husband have good eyes for funny situations 🙂 Hot? What is hot, we have here so much rain-the summer here is this year very shit.

        • He really does. I don’t know what he did before they started placing cameras in cell phones. Its been 100 F here most days. That is actually cool for here in the summertime. Sorry to hear about your bad weather there.

  4. That is SO cute!!! 😀

    • I thought so too. Of course I am a bit partial as she is my dog and all. My hubby took this one while he was running errands early this past weekend. I just loved the look on her face. She loves to ride in the truck with him.

  5. Absolutely! This made me smile.

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