13 thoughts on “A Month of Joy (8/10/11)

  1. Awww … love it! Ferrets love ankles and toes : ).

  2. Great picture of you and Miss Smokey. Awww, she looks so innocent though. They enrich our lives in many ways, bringing us pure joy and endless love.

    • Thanks Zoom. She is such a sweet natured animal. They really do enrich our lives. I was out last night after work and was wishing I was home with the animals (hubby was working). I actually canceled my plans for this evening so that I’ll be home with them.

  3. Two sources of joy in one shot: pretty toes and a furry loved one!

  4. OMG, too funny. Look mom, I’ve got your pants!

  5. what a funny shot…..I like your sandals 🙂

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