15 thoughts on “A Month of Joy (8/11/11)

  1. Nice one. We’re hoping to do a crop maze this year. We tried last year but it was a mob scene. They’re apparently quite popular!

  2. Love this one! We ahd an almost fall-like breeze yesterday, and supposed to have more of the same today. Makes me so happy. Fall has always been my favorite time of year!

  3. Ha, hubby & I were just talking the other day about how long until fall. Summer waning fast.

    Side note: pumpkin’s such a drag to clean for cooking. Butternut squash is much easier to handle.

    • Yes, its just around the corner! Can’t wait.

      Pumpkin definitely is a drag. I’ve resorted to using canned. Thanks or the tip on the butternut squash! That is one of my fall favorites. I remember last year you posted a great recipe for butternut squash bisque that was really good. I still have it in with my cook books and will be using it once the weather cools down a bit.

  4. LOL…I have only a recipe of a soup…I never here about a coffe, bread or pumpkin pie .

    • I will have to find a pumpkin bread recipe to send you. It is very easy to make and your house will smell wonderful. It might be a good thing to eat on one of those rainy days you keep having there. 🙂

  5. 43 day to fall….sign…we have here no summer this year….what is fall?

  6. what a good shot-like the colours and the pumpkins….remember me at the 31.10….Helloween-time…and at a good pumpkin-soup 🙂

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