Patience, More Patience, A Great Weekend in Store & Camping with the Weasel


 Patience is the word of the day because it is something I don’t have a lot of today, hence this blog post.

About a month ago I joined this local women’s group that I had belonged to back east.  They meet once a month and we usually have a topic planned for the evening that is discussed within the group.  What I like about this group is that these discussions aren’t just bitching and venting discussions.  They are real honest discussions about what works and what doesn’t in certain situations whether it be work-related, relationship related, or anything in between.

Part of joining this group is making a six month commitment to attend their meetings once a month.  In the beginning you set a goal for yourself and include action items.  I’ve had so many things floating in my head lately that I was having trouble nailing down something concrete and placing it on paper.  One of the group members met with me for dinner this past week and she was able to help me articulate something viable that I was pumped about by the time I left.

I have my goal written at home, along with the action items; one of which I have already completed.  My goal revolves around finances.  Today though I am feeling a bit anxious because there are certain things that have to take place before I can even get to the starting point on a few of the action items.  I’m trying not to get overly impatient as this is going to take time.  That is just a part of it and as the old adage goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

So anyway, the weekend is going to be busy.  My brother-in-law’s younger sister just moved here to attend ASU this Fall. She is staying with us tonight and then tomorrow she and I will be up and out early to see what we can find at yard sales and second-hand stores for her new apartment.  I’m looking forward to her stay.  It’s not often I get to see family from back east.

Tomorrow afternoon I was invited to go ice skating.  Yes, you heard me right.  😉  I’m skating.  Here.  In the desert.  Temps will be in the 100s…but not in the rink!  I’m going with some friends and then later we are going out to lunch.  It should be a lot of fun.  It’s been years since I’ve skated so this could be interesting (Lord, help those sharing the rink with me tomorrow!).

We are gearing up for our annual Labor Day Camping trip.  I’ve been planning on taking Smokey but am now debating the idea.  Monsoon was easy.  I think she actually enjoyed being left alone for a few days.  With Smokes though I’m just not sure.  She is very attached to hubby and me.  When I think of her alone at a shelter or neglected at her last owners home, it tugs at my heart-strings.  Then again, while it will be nice and cool at the campsite, it will be a long, hot, un-air conditioned drive there.  We camp with about 8 to 10 other families and everyone brings their dogs.  While she and Abby get along famously I’m not sure about the other animals.  So this is my dilema.  I don’t want to board her either (again, I don’t want her to think she’s been left).    I have to think more about this.  She is pretty much free roam at home and would probably spend much of her time away in her travel cage.  Hmm.  We’ll see but I’ll probably end up taking her.  I can’t bear the thought of her alone somewhere so I’ll probably end up making it work somehow.

Have a nice weekend!

14 thoughts on “Patience, More Patience, A Great Weekend in Store & Camping with the Weasel

  1. Let me know what you decided. I am sorry I did not read this sooner. A house sitter is a wonderful thing when you have critters…you could use the younger SIL! Younger people love the amenities of a settled married-people household like food, cable tv and a big comfy bed. And ones over 17 tend to take good care of the place and will do it for free. Also I usually have an “older” person check in on them at some point to make sure everything is ok and a wild party is not raging. And I let the house sitter know someone will “stop by” but not when. Heh heh…learnt to do that the hard way.
    Hope you had fun no matter what your decision was…I was thinking of the desert today, in fact! Soon…soon!

    • I had thought of asking her but we have asked her and her partner if they would like to join us camping. There is a teenage neighbor boy who I think would be a good fit for Smokey if he is available. Hopefully that’ll work out. I have to give his parents a call to see if they will be around that weekend. I’m sure Smoke would love him. And the best part is that I would bring her to his house so the parents will be there as well. Good idea on having a neighbor unexpectedly drop by. We had our nephew stay one weekend a few years ago and it was a disaster. The gas grill was left on. Things were broken and someone used my shower after I specifically said the master bedroom was off limits. I don’t think I’d trust him with a house plan let alone my little Smokester. The trip is not until Labor Day weekend so I have a few weeks to think about it.

      Have you started planning your trip out this way??? 😀 Do tell!

  2. I’ve never tried ice-skating – I have trouble staying on my flat feet! LOL. I’d be worried about the other dogs in taking Smokey camping with you – I hope you can come up with a solution. Best wishes in reaching your goals – at least you have written them down and that’s a great first step.

    • LOL!

      The more I think about all those dogs the more concerned I get. I’m going to look into a neighbor boy of a friend of mine. I think he would be really responsible and Smokey would really like him. We’ll see.

      Yes, the goal is on paper which is a good start. I’ve been reading it out loud every day to reinforce it to myself. Thanks for the well wishes.

  3. Good luck in your future endeavors. 🙂

  4. ElizabethFrank123

    I was impatient when I was paying off my holiday but once you get there it’s worth it 🙂
    ohh man i SUCK at ice skating, my friends end up dragging me alone the ice, but i’m sure you’ll be better! haha
    Have fun camping 🙂

    • Yes, patience is a plus when dealing with finances! 🙂 Skating was fun. I did okay but I certainly wasn’t moving too quickly. (Old age)

      Thanks, I’m really looking forward to this trip.

  5. You’ll be like lightning on the ice, I know it.

    I’d offer to board the critters, but 1) Gracie would never return, and 2) Customs and Border Protection would take them away!

    • LOL, not sure if I was like lightning or not. More like molasses but at least I didn’t fall. 😉

      When I first read that I had a vision of Gracie leaving home with a little satchel over her shoulder while walking down a dirt road.

  6. That group sounds interesting. What exactly do you discuss? Goals are good. 🙂 I need a few more of those. 😛
    I have no idea about finances; that is one life skill I have left to learn. Good luck! I haven’t been ice skating in a long time either! The larger cities have skating rinks, but that is about a few hours away. :/ When I was little they’d give us little handy-cap “walker” like things to help us skate. I think that I’d need one again because it’s been so long! So I sympathize.
    Do you have a friend who could take care of and give Smokey the attention she needs?

    • It really is a great group. Very productive. One of the topics which I will be co-leading with another member is on dealing with life changes. Every month there is something new. I was told what the next one is but I can’t remember what they said it was. Oh, btw, I mentioned a great finance book on a comment to one of your posts. I read it recently and thought I’d pass it on. It’s Dave Ramsey’s ‘Total Money Makeover’. I read it in one day.

      Skating was a blast. It had been ages but once I got my ‘skate legs’ back I seem to do okay. I haven’t seen those walkers but there were plenty of cute little kiddos learning to skate on Saturday.

      I don’t have anyone right now that I think would stay with her at the house. I love my nephews but I don’t think I would trust them to take care of a house plant. LOL. Friends of mine mentioned a neighbor boy whom I know who may be interested so I’m going to contact him. Could be a love match.. 🙂

  7. Best wishes with your financial goals, they can be so hard to reach even with the best plans.

    Is there a pet sitting in your home service that could come by? Or would that not be enough?

    • Thanks MG. I’m a bit overwhelmed with it but having a plan in place felt like a big first step.

      There may be a place but I’m really particular with my pets. Friends of mine over the weekend mentioned a teenage neighbor boy of theirs that I have met several times before. He actually babysits their kids and I have gotten to know his parents through the same friends so he is a possiblilty. I think Smokes would fall madly in love with him. We’ll see.

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