In Remembrance

In the early morning hours of last Saturday, August 13th, my Mom’s older brother finally succumbed to the cancer he had been diagnosed with last summer.  He was 66.

 My memories of him are mainly from when I was young.  His two sons were close in age to myself and my siblings so we were fairly close growing up.  My Uncle served in the Navy as a young man in the mid-1960s and then later became a  postman which  he did until he retired a few years ago.     

 He was a great cook as was my grandfather who owned a few restaurants in the Boston area.  I remember hearing about the cooking shows he used to watch, including Yan Can Cook.   He received a lot of enjoyment from that.

One of my favorite memories of Uncle Bobby was about 20 years ago a cousin of mine was getting married in Florida.  The whole family flew down for the wedding. 

My aunt, his older sister, had arranged for us to go tubing down this river while she prepared for the wedding.  I remember Uncle Bobby sitting in the inner tube with his cut-off denim shorts and white t-shirt.  He was laughing.  For some reason that sticks out in my mind the most.  

The memorial service is today.  Uncle Bobby, you will be missed, but never ever forgotten!

16 thoughts on “In Remembrance

  1. Rememberances like these are so important. Sounds like you have fond memories of your uncle.

  2. Oh girl!! No rest for you this year! I am so sorry to hear that your family has to endure another loss!
    But I am glad to see that your are having loving memories and had a close relationship.

    • It’s been a strange year thus far but it seems that these things seem to happen in groups before things quiet down a bit. Its sad that there has been loss this year but at the same time its good that they are no longer suffering.

  3. I am sorry for your loss Monsoon! Your uncle Bobby sounds like a fun and caring man – what a wonderful tribute! Your tubing memory reminded me of my own great-uncle Wade taking me out in his rowboat on a river when I was little. He loved being out there and sharing the experience with his children, nieces and nephews always made him laugh and grin. Those are the memories we hold with us forever : ).

    • Thanks Pam. He was a really neat man and will be missed. He and his young son had a falling out years ago but I was happy to hear that they had reconciled not long after my Uncle was diagnosed. I suppose its important that we treasure all these memories of wonderful uncles and relatives because you never know what the future holds. It sounds like you have some great memories of your Uncle, too. We will definitely hold those forever. You hit the nail on the head.

  4. Your uncle was a handsome young man – I bet he was a “lady killer” in his uniform. You have some nice memories of him and the one stuck in your mind must bring a smile to you.

    • Yes, he was. I was just mentioning to my Mom yesterday on the phone that I didn’t realize what an attractive man he was. He married fairly young and he was quite shy so I’m not sure if he had many girlfriends. The memory of him from that day many years ago definitely brings a smile to my face. 🙂

  5. ElizabethFrank123

    Sorry for your loss, but the memory you’re holding on to is a good one 🙂

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle. My thoughts are with you Monsoon. You’ve expressed your feelings so beautifully here. My deepest sympathies to you and your family and I wish you all the comfort you need.

  7. Oh, what a nice tribute! I’m so sorry to hear about Uncle Bobby’s passing. He sounds just like my late Uncle Ray, who I remember for having a cabin at a lake in Maine, and it seemed like he was always ready for a swim and always laughing, holding a beer in one hand and barbequing with the other! I’m sure Uncle Bobby would love that you remember him as you do.

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