September Bake Quest Ideas Needed

Hi All, it’s about that time again.  🙂  While thoughts of Fall have been settling in, it is still above 110 F in the desert as I type.  What are your thoughts for the next coming month?  Comfort food?  Regional cuisine?  Is there a specific ingredient you love to work with?

Feel free to comment and I will have the results posted after the weekend.


6 thoughts on “September Bake Quest Ideas Needed

  1. Casseroles seem to be relatively easy on the budget. I’ll make a regional dish from Italy.
    So I decided to make a regional dish from Puglia, called Polenta bake with butternut squash.

  2. I know I’m not usually much involved in this. But if anybody could suggest some really cheap recipes for college students it would be awesome! Things that you could make in small portions? 😛

    • How about 101 ways to prepare ramen noodles. 😉 I’m just kidding. I think that is a great idea. I may have some things for you to try actually. Do you like stir frys? They are usually cheap to make and you can limit how much you make at one time.

  3. What’s in season right now? Figs… squash…
    We could try casseroles again, but it sounds like you might have to wait a little longer! No oven cooking until it’s in the low nineties, hmm? 🙂

    • Ohh, something using figs sounds yumifull!

      I’d be up for casseroles, or at least giving it another shot. I’ve had such a craving for them lately but man, this heat is killing me. 🙂 And yes, no oven will be turned on until it is in the low 90s. Because at least then it’s only in the low 80s at night; an ideal time to cook.

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