Special Delivery from Japan

My blog friend Toukou san , from Japan sent a beautiful gift which arrived yesterday.

Inside this carefully wrapped box was a candle holder made by my friend Toukou san who is a potter.  He wrapped the candle holder in newspaper so I tried hard not to rip the paper because that was interesting to see as well. 



Toukou san tells me that this candle holder is designed to be lit with a candle honoring someone who has passed. 

This is taken from the top, where the candle will sit.  Notice the intricate colors that design the top.

Domo arigatou, Toukou san!  It’s beautiful.

8 thoughts on “Special Delivery from Japan

  1. How lovely. I love pottery. And it will have special meaning for you.

    • It’s it pretty? I also share a special fondness for pottery. It really does have special meaning. Saturday I lit a candle in it for family that has passed this year, and then of course yesterday I lit it again in remembrance of 9/11.

  2. A beautiful candle holder. It is simply perfect. Will look gorgeous atop the fireplace mantel 🙂

  3. What a beautiful candle holder! Such a nice gift. I love the wrapping, as well!

    • Isn’t that neat? It is really special. I placed a tea light in it over the weekend. It was fun looking at the Japanese newspaper. I think I had the tv guide portion based on the pictures. One looked like a cooking show and everyone was dressed in a kimono.

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