11 thoughts on “Rain Finally Comes to The Desert

  1. I like the rain…it is better than snow…love this shots….have a nice Saturday!!

  2. I love rainy days…it brings me all types of emotions which I felt difficult to explain…each raindrops remember me of such wonderful memories.

  3. How often do you get rain? I love the pictures of the fish in the pond, with the rain drops leaving their widening circles!

    • Not very often. Every once in a while I’ll be in the house and I’ll be listening intently to this sound I don’t recognize until it hits me that it is rain falling on the Spanish roof tiles. We hear it so infrequently that often times it sounds very foreign.

  4. When it rains do you really find things that bloom for a day or is that just out in the middle of the desert where no one lives and PBS specials are filmed?

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