10 Random Things About Me

Recently I was tagged by my friend Pam over at Hawleyville for this challenge.  Pam and I have been friends for over three years now, having first met on Vox.  One of these days I’m going to fly out to her neck of the woods and join her when she visits the Shot Fairy.  😉

1.) My first job was cleaning rooms at the Holiday Inn when I was 15.  I lasted 2 weeks.  I could barely keep my own room clean at that age, let alone an entire floor of dirty hotel rooms.  The manager was an older lady named Hazel.  The staff secretly called her Witch Hazel.  On the day I announced I was giving my 2 weeks notice she said I could just leave now and gave me a shove down the hallway towards the time cards.  Guess the name was fitting, huh?  My Dad had to turn around and come get me after just dropping me off.  Thus ending my career as a chamber maid. 

2.) I went to Catholic school for junior high and in that time I learned to love to write.  In Mr. Brunner’s 7th grade religion class he had us keep what was called a Religion Journal.  I was 12 at the time and here I am at 43 still journaling.  There was a sense of relief at that young age in being able to write everything down.  Even now I still feel a sense of relief when getting things down on paper.  In addition to having an outlet, this sometimes  has helped me see things more clearly when dealing with something particularly vexing.  Once in a great while I’ll pull out one of these notebooks to look back on what I was doing say, in 1984.  I used to listen to the radio a lot while journaling and would often jot down songs from that time period.  It’s like looking at a written time capsule.  Journaling of course has led to blogging, which has been a wonderful experience all around. 

3.)I was engaged twice before meeting my husband; once in my early 20s and once in my late 20s.  Both of those earlier times I was presented with a ring.  When hubby and I met and decided to get married, I didn’t give a darn about a ring.  After we had been married for a year we decided to get one.  I met hubby during Happy Hour at a Mexican restaurant back in 2004.  I couldn’t stop looking at him.  He was one of the most handsomest men I had ever seen and he also didn’t pay me the time of day.  I forgot about him but kept running into him at the same place.  Finally he noticed me.  Years of online dating and I meet my husband in a bar.  Go figure. 😉

4.) Ferrets!  Ferrets have been a part of my life since 1996.  An ex-boyfriend wanted a pet that would be good to have while living in an apartment.  CJ was the first ferret I ever knew and loved.  I swear my Smokey is the reincarnated version of CJ.  They are a lot alike personality-wise and looks-wise, too.  After CJ came Cindy.  They were the best of buds.  Why stop at 2?  I acquired Petey a few years later and the three of them accompanied me out to Arizona during the big move 10 years ago.  I can still see them in my rear-view mirror hanging out in their hammock in the back of my SUV.  When they all passed in 2003, Monsoon came into my life.  She sadly had to be put to sleep this past April (man, I still miss her so much!) and then I adopted Smokey in early May from where she had been dropped off at a shelter in the Tucson area.

5.)My Father’s parents were from Connecticut.  I remember spending a lot of time at their home as a child.  My Grandfather built the house in the early 1940s.  At the time it was the only house on a large hill in the middle of a cow pasture.  My Dad remembers waking up in the middle of the night and there being a cow looking at him through the window.   My Grandparents had a built-in pool, also built by my Grandfather.  There were lots of fruit trees in their yard and also a trampoline that was built into the ground.  My sisters and I spent many an afternoon eating peaches and bouncing on the trampoline.  The trees and the trampoline are long gone.  Only the stumps remain of the trees and a shallow hole in the ground where the trampoline once was.  My Grandmother, God bless her, still lives there and will be 91 this December.  Their home was one of the few that still has a root cellar.  Their garage door also faces the backyard because as the neighborhood grew, the street was made facing the other side of the house. 

6.)My Grandfather told me before he passed that we were related to the Mongolian conqueror, Genghis Khan.  He pointed out Asian features in different family members once at a get together.  I asked my Dad later if this was true and he said he doubted it.  So, I’m not sure if there is any validity to this but I also thought it was interesting.  I do know for a fact though that I am a distant cousin of Bing Crosby.

7.) I am blessed with a job that I enjoy going to every day.  About two years ago I took my current job more out of necessity than anything else and I can’t even begin to describe how much I enjoy it.  My Boss is great.  The office is by far one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever worked in and when I leave my job at the end of the day I feel so much satisfaction and confidence in what I’m doing that I don’t see myself being anywhere else.  I have a big say in what happens here and it has been a compliment to me when my boss has come to me on a few occasions to seek my advice.  I can’t say enough good things about where I work. 

8.) In 1981 I was 13.  My Mom and I were walking down a street in London when suddenly she put her hand in front of me to stop me.  We both looked up to see a burnt out structure that was now boarded up.  It was the US Embassy that had been bombed by extremists.  This was the first time in my life I had seen something like that.  Since then I have been to the sites of where the Alfred T. Murrah building in Oklahoma City stood  (there was still office furniture in the parking lot) and of course Ground Zero in New York. 

9.) I go to church.  I am far from perfect and would never judge anyone on their beliefs on that matter.  Some stuff I write about here but its more personal to me.  I was born and raised Catholic and stopped going once I was old enough to leave home.  I started going again in 2003, stopped for a while, and then started to get consistent again in 2009.  Hubby was raised in the Bible belt and his Dad was a minister.  He is the only one in his family that is not a church goer.  I respect his wishes, he respects mine, and we make it work.

10.) In my late teens, early 20s I studied opera music.  I was convinced I’d grow up and be a singer.  Back then it was rumored that Pat Benatar had studied opera so I did, too.  I sang in a few local bands but grew up and kind of forgot about singing.  Earlier I played the electric guitar and would sometimes bring it to school with me to practice during study hall.  One time it was out of tune and the shy music kid who road on my bus decided to tune it for me.  That shy kid dropped out after school ended that year and became the bass player for a band popular in the early ’90s called Extreme.  Flash forward to 2011 and that same shy kid, Nuno Bettencourt, is now playing guitar for Rihanna.  Wish I had’ve kept that guitar!

Well, there it is.  And now I’m tagging the following folks for the same:


Boston Margy


Freedom Smith


23 thoughts on “10 Random Things About Me

  1. I really enjoyed reading all 10 new things about you. LOL @ the first job – tidiness is not high on the priority list of most 15 year old girls (I think “boys” were the top of my list 🙂 ).

    Related to Bing Crosby – that is cool! And obviously some of those singing genes are in you – and yes I’ll bet you’re sorry you got rid of that guitar!

    Family history/folklore can be fascinating. On my mother’s side I remember being somewhat disappointed to learn that I was not actually a descendant of “convicts” but rather of a prison guard on that First Fleet to Australia! My father’s side is so much more interesting with secrets and scandals …..

    • Hi Emjay, so glad you enjoyed that. I grew up with all girls so our parents were constantly after us to keep our rooms clean, etc…

      That is really neat about your own family history. I find the history of Australia and how it came to be very interesting. My Mom’s family also has quite the secrets and scandals as well. One story includes a great aunt of mine who murdered her husband and got away with it because of the abuse she suffered at his hands.

  2. […] Filed under: Writing by kimkiminy — Leave a comment September 23, 2011 My friend Monsoon tagged me for this challenge. First job sounds like a good place to start, so here […]

  3. Now me, eh? Well, let’s see…you’ll have to read my blog!

  4. Very sweet with the ferrets in a hammock in the back of the SUV. How cute! I can just picture it.
    You are so brave to move out west after living on the east coast. It is so very different.
    Religion is very personal, well put. To each his or her own as long as they don’t repress/hurt/brainwash any one or harm any animals, or ride around in cars yelling out of loudspeakers, to me.
    How interesting about your husband! In a bar of course. LOL It never happens like we think it will, does it? Well, myself, a person who completely lacked a romantic heart for 44 years, met Masha on vox of all places and we were just friends. I flew to London for a vacation months and months later and suggested we met in person and have a beer. Pow-kaboom chemistry-love-at-first-sight and I had never ever felt such a thing before for a man (except Leonard Nimoy).

    • Its a nice memory when I think back about that time. That will be 10 years ago this Saturday that I moved to AZ, ferrets in tow. On my wedding day while sitting in the back of the limo with my Dad for a while I remembered thinking about the ferrets hanging out in the back during the move.

      My thoughts exactly too on religion. No one gets hurt, brainwashed, etc… and its all good.

      So true that it never happens how you think. I had resigned myself to be single and never thought I’d be married. I love how you met Masha. Sometimes all it takes is the right person to come a long and change your perspective. I’m sure Leonard Nimoy was very disappointed that you were off the market. 😉

  5. Wow on #10! I never knew you were a musician, and what a cool experience! So many of the others are things we have in common – writing/blogging and weezils, of course, but also the rural roots in our families. I try hard to get to the point of loving my job the way you do – I actually am in a place now of enjoying my coworkers and not disliking what I do – I just can’t get beyond the point of letting long workdays drain me too much to write the way I’d like. One day … : ). Loved getting a little more detail about how you and Ruben met, too. So glad you did this!

    • Hey Pam, thanks for tagging me. This was really fun. You and I really do have loads in common. It is uncanny sometimes. One of these days I’m going to come out (I know I keep saying that) for a visit. Glad that you are enjoying your job a bit more. I hope it will slow down for you so that you are able to do what you really enjoy –writing.

  6. I loved this! Happy Birthday to your Grandma, bless her. #5 brought back memories of my Grandma’s friend. Her grandaughter and I used to play in their back yard in Windsor. Above-ground pool, fresh peaches and lots of bees trying to get some too. Cows looking in the window – that is priceless.

    • So glad you enjoyed this Emmy. 🙂 Yes, Happy Birthday to her! I guess she is going really well from what I’ve been told. I loved hearing about your own childhood memories. Can you just picture waking up to seeing a cow in your window, lol? I guess it scared the heck out of my Dad.

  7. I’m with you on #4. I never had a ferret but I love all kinds of animals. It is hard that after having such loyalty animals we have to lose them someday. On #10 I like the story of the shy kid. Ohmygosh! What did you do with the guitar?! Sadly to say on #9, I never go to church anymore. In my sincere opinion I believe that Christians and Catholics are the same… they are full of sexual deviant priests! My husband and I agreed to this.

    I have enjoyed reading this, thank you for tagging me! 🙂

    • It is very hard, as you know, to lose an animal. Sometimes I still cry over Monsoon still. She was very special.

      I had given the guitar to a friend of mine who I lost touch with years ago. I tend to doubt that he still has the guitar though.

      I know lots of folks that no longer go to church for the very same reason you posted here.

  8. As I read through everything, I thought to myself, you certainly know how to keep a reader amused. It’s great to get to know you! I smiled at #1 because I used to cleaned rooms at Extended America with the difference that I was 23 back then. I barely lasted 2 months. It was the worst job I had ever had in my life. My romantic side adores your #3 🙂 My favorites were #5 #6 and #8. Significant events are often what shape us into who we are as people.

  9. BTW, I will work on this challenge, and post mine sometime later… thanks for tagging me!

  10. That’s the problem with family history; you never really know if any of it’s true. My maiden name is Huntington, supposedly related to the one who discovered the disease. Prolly not true.

    That’s true about Pat Benatar. She was classically trained. Then saw where the real money was.

  11. That was so interesting! I loved reading so many different things about you. I loved that you lasted 2 weeks at your first job. Working for Witch Hazel did not sound like fun!

    That is wonderful that a teacher taught you to journal and that you still do it, and have your past journals! I have not been good at journaling, except when I blog.

    Two engagements before you found you man. I can relate. I was engaged once and broke that off. Mr was engaged once and broke that off. When we met, we were both working in Charlotte, NC. Out of the guys in the singles group at church, Mr was the one that paid me no special attention. Yep, that made me interested 🙂 Sounds a tad like your story.

    I will try to do this. I don’t know if I can come up with such interesting things but I will try. Thanks for tagging me 😀

  12. Wow! What a life! 😀 😀 😀 🙂 What exactly do you do for a living? (That is, if you don’t mind answering.) Like you, I am a little more private about my religion, so I totally understand. I think the fact that I am religious is enough for me. 🙂 That is so amazing about the guitar thing! Jobby teases me that when he gets home that all he is going to do is play guitar. I won’t allow that, of course. 😛 Your grandparent’s house reminds me of my grandparents. They have a trampoline and a ton of trees–including an apple tree. The peaches are long gone, though. The squirells get to them first.
    Thanks for sharing!!! Maybe I’ll do this in the near future when I get time. 🙂

    • I’ve had a pretty good life so far if I do say so myself. 😉 I work as a client coordinator at a small company outside of Phoenix. It sounds like you have some fond memories of your grandparent’s house as well. I hope you decide to post the 10 random things. I would enjoy reading it.

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