October Bake Quest Ideas Needed

Well, as you can tell I am completely behind here!  Things have been nonstop after coming back after a few days away.

I should also mention that October marks our 1 year anniversary of Bake Quests.  Thanks everyone who has participated.  I can see that the Bake Quest recipe posts are popular in the searches, too. 

So on to this month’s Bake Quest.  Anything sound good?  How about some homemade baked goodies?  Or how about soups and stews?  Thoughts?  Suggestions?


4 thoughts on “October Bake Quest Ideas Needed

  1. Sorry, I didn’t get to post my last entry. My husband just had surgery. I haven’t baked for a few days with all this running around.

    Count me in for the stew!

  2. I think stew sounds good!!! Crockpot stew, maybe?

  3. Stews sound good… now that it’s cooler, I want to break out the crock-pot!

  4. Something with maple anything with maple.

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