Update on Thursday

Its been somewhat of a whirlwind around these parts since returning from Florida almost a month ago.  I have found myself to be incredibly busy both at work and at home.  Although it does make the days go by incredibly fast I’m hoping that things will slow down a bit going forward.

We have a camping trip planned soon and I’m really starting to look forward to that.  My MIL is coming with us again so I hope she will enjoy herself just as much as she did when she came for the big Labor Day weekend trip.  We will be heading up to the mountains where the highs during the day will be in the 50s and the lows will be in the 20s.  Brrrr!  This will also be Smokey’s first camping trip.  I hope she will do okay.  My main concern is that she is warm enough.  I did find a ferret jacket (yeah, they do make and sell them believe or not) but I’m not sure if she would keep it on.

  Here it is.  It’s kind of cute but I admit feeling kind of silly.  I mean, come on.  A jacket for a ferret?  Anyway, shipping cost almost as much as the jacket itself so I think I might just take an old sock and cut some holes for her front legs and head.  And of course she won’t care what all the ferrets in Paris are wearing this Fall.  She’s kind of like her Mom that way.

Recently I read online about a girl who takes her ferrets everywhere.  She had been on vacation at a lake somewhere and she had pictures of her ferrets out and about on the lawn and running beside the lake.  She was also in a little row-boat with her husband and ferrets when the ferrets decided to jump in for a swim.  She jumped in after them and they all swam the rest of the way to the shore (not sure how far away from the shore they were).  People had asked her if she was concerned for her animals.  There are predators in the sky and just so many things ferrets can get into.  She said that she felt that she needed to take some risks with them because they can’t be cooped up in the house all day.  Their lives are so short that they need to get out. 

This really stuck with me.  Monsoon was very sheltered.  I don’t think I have ever kept such a close careful eye on any of my pets like I did with Monsoon.  Smokey has started accompanying us on our early morning weekend walks.  The first weekend I tried it with her she kept slipping out of her harness so I had to hold her most of the way.  This past weekend I found a harness that fits well around her skinny little body and that seem to do the trick.  She would follow behind me until she heard a dog bark or a rooster crow.  Then she would freeze and I’d have to carry her for a while.  I’m excited that she is going to experience camping.  While I will still keep a close eye on her I feel good about bringing her out to different places for her to explore.  I want her to experience different smells and to be able to dig in the dirt if she chooses.

Out For A Walk

This Saturday there is another 5k race which will be the first of the season.  The last one I did was down in Tucson on a crazy hot night back in early June.  I don’t feel particularly prepared for this one so we’ll see how it goes.  This one I did a year ago and a part of it is uphill.  Athletica has been training like mad for all these upcoming races.  She has been getting up at 4am to run 8 miles each morning before work. 

While I absolutely love my job, I seem to have entered into a strange phase.  There has been a lot of back tracking lately on certain things.  A few weeks ago I transposed a number in a client’s phone number that was listed on at least 100+ pages of documentation I had given him.  This resulted in having to have the client come back in with all his paperwork while I restapled the page with the corrected number back into the packet.  Luckily this error was only on the last page and not somewhere in the middle.  Another client wanted changes to a document but I was able to talk her out of it luckily as it was in her best interest to leave things ‘as is’.  And yet another client wanted extensive changes to a document that our contractor wasn’t happy about.  In this case the client was in the right.  These are all normal things that happen.  It just seems like lately there have been lots of fires to put out.  It’s definitely keeping me on my toes!

The weather here has been beautiful.  The days are still warm, with temps hovering around 100 degrees, but the nights are just gorgeous.  The winter comforter hasn’t made its way back to the bed yet but I have had to throw an extra blanket on to feel comfortable.  One thing I notice is that in October the light really starts to change.  While we don’t have many trees here to witness Fall foliage on, the evening sun casts an orange glow on the mountains surrounding the city and everything for a few glorious moments appears to be golden.  So beautiful and so different.  It can only be Fall in the desert.

Two girlfriends of mine will be visiting in a few weeks from back east.  One is coming to attend a conference and the other heard we were getting together and wanted to come, too.  The first one is the same friend I met in Florida a few weeks ago.  We’ve been friends since second grade.  It’s kind of funny that we hadn’t seen each other in 4 years and now we will have seen each other twice in a matter of months.  The other girlfriend I have known since highschool.  She is flying in from Boston. 

The plan is to go down to Tombstone and Bisbee, AZ for sightseeing, and then head over to Sonoita for the wine tastings.  We will most likely do a ghost tour in Tombstone which is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the US.  While the paranormal aspect of it is interesting, what I like about these tours is learning the history of a place and also some of the local folklore.   

Halloween is right around the corner.  We have no plans for any parties.  Most of our friends have kids so the concentration tends to be more on kid related activities.  I am,  however, sitting outside with my next-door neighbor to pass out candy to the kids.  We may dress up.  We haven’t decided yet.  Last year we forewent our yearly Halloween activity because she was working.  The tradition is that we set up a table for snacks for us and whatever adult wants to join us, and then we drink pumpkin beer out of plastic cups (we want to at least give the impression that we are responsible adults).  In the early days of our Halloween get togethers in her driveway, we didn’t disguise our beer bottles.  One year a parent grabbed his kid’s pillow case and held it open in hopes we would drop a beer in it.  We all got a good laugh over that.  In later years we thought it best to place it in plastic cups so kids coming over for candy would have a hopefully better image of their neighbor ladies. 

12 thoughts on “Update on Thursday

  1. I love your relationship with your creatures. You are so considerate. The pumpkins are a scream! Do not sweat it (ark ark I make humour) if you do not do the run. Autumn brings about a slower pace, for me anyway, and I become more domestic and happy to snuggle under a blanket on the sofa with a rabbit and Masha. I do envy you your temps. When we were in NC last week it was 80 F. EIGHTY!!! Sigh…back to the UK and chilly temps.
    Smokey is so cute. More piccies!

    • Thanks GW. They are my kids. Aren’t those pumpkins great? I found that on the Internet. I still did the run but it really wasn’t my best run. Not my worst either but glad it is behind me. I hear you on the slower pace. Its so dark here now in the mornings that it is really hard to get out of bed.

      I hope you had a great trip to NC! I’ll be heading over to your blog shortly so hopefully you’ve got some pics posted.

      Smokey is one of the sweetest ferrets that has ever owned me. I will def post some more pics from our camping trip.

  2. Sorry it took so long to comment on this. XD You’re going into the mountains, eh? That’s always fun. 🙂 I use to go to girls camp (for a week) every year, and I’d freeze in the middle of the summer! LOL!
    I don’t think I’ll be doing much for Halloween. My best friend is not here this semester, and I just don’t know what to be for Halloween. :/ Myself?

    • That’s okay Alicia. Sometimes it takes me a long time to catch up on blogs, too. I am going up to the mountains and I’m really excited about it. I booked it today.

      Maybe you can pass out candy? Not sure how many little kids you have near your dorm. Or make yourself a nice meal and watch some of the scary stuff on tv.

  3. Oh, that’s nice. I love camping for the fresh air, the campfires, the nights under the stars, the days spent out on the water… the mosquitoes, ants and the spiders. 😉 I just love it!

    Oh wow! Camping with your ferret can be a fun experience. Be careful with the temperature, and any possible predators. I am sure he’ll enjoy the trip too. Hahaha I love your sense of humor, (an old sock and cut some holes) I’m pretty sure she won’t care 🙂 she will be the only one who has this unique design.

    I envy that girl. Getting up at 4am everyday to run 8 miles is not an easy task. Bravo! Clap… Clap… Clap. 😉

    Holy ghost…a ghost tour? It’s an amazing way to spend a lot of time with your friends. Please take some pictures and post them with the history of that place.

    • Camping is the best, isn’t it? There is nothing more relaxing than spending time in the woods.

      I hope my little weasel will enjoy the experience. If she is not in her cage then she will be on her leash and not even two feet away from me. I have to go through my husband’s socks to see what I can find for her. Hopefully he’ll have one with some holes in or one that doesn’t have a match. She will be styling! 😉

      Yes, my friend is very dedicated to her running. She has also grown quite thin from all that activity but she will be so ready for the races.

      I will definitely post some pics from the trip I’ll be taking in a few weeks. I can’t wait.

  4. Say hi to Bisbee for me! I nearly moved there many years ago. Love the vibe there.

    I’m glad Smokey will get to experience some new things. Why cut holes in an old sock? I bet she’d love to just burrow into an intact one. Make it a wool sock.

    Love that photo.

    • I sure will! You had mentioned moving there a while back. Its such a neat place. Well, we have room for one more if you would like to join us for a girl’s weekend on 11/12. 🙂 Seriously. I think it would be really fun.

      Sock-wise, I’ll have to see what I can find. I don’t think we have many wool socks around but I’m sure I could probably purchase some. I found a cute little sweater at a pet store that was probably made for a small dog, like a chihuahua, but it will most likely be too big. Pet stores back east all used to carry clothing, including hats, for ferrets but they seem to be rare commodities out here.

  5. love the pumpkin images, is that from your past halloween celebrations? I never pass out candy. I probably should but, I admit I think it would aggravate the dog.

    I’ll bet if Smokey can wear the sock, you could find someone willing to knit her a sweater!!!

    I have never had success in getting animals to wear clothes! BUT, if it is going to be that cold, I do think they might!!

    • Hi MG, I actually found that online somewhere. Someone got really creative. I hear you on the dog being aggravated. Abby barks up a storm but I figure its only one night. This year though I’ll be sitting outside so it shouldn’t be too bad.

      I saw a Groupon recently for knitting lessons. Maybe I could make her a little sweater. We’ll see. I also own a sewing machine. Its just finding the time. As long as I can make sure she is warm enough we should be okay. I have a fleece lined pouch that had belonged to Monsoon so I’ll probably bring that for her to hand out in.

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