Post Race and A Penny Saved

Saturday was the morning of the 5k race.  It was a lot warmer this year than it was last year.  Athletica picked me up and we headed over to South Mountain park early that morning.  I didn’t officially sign up so I just grabbed my bib from last year so I’d at least look like I belonged.  The only difference was the color in the numbers.  Last year was black and this year was red.  A man dressed as Wyatt Earp shot a gun and we were off into the early morning dawn.  I definitely was not in the best of shape for the run and tired quickly.  Where I didn’t officially sign up for it I didn’t feel this extreme need to keep up the pace.

After 50 yards or so from the start line, a little boy around 6 or 7 who was running along side his Mom started saying things that at first started to crack me up.  “This was not my best start,” he announced.  Then, “I think I am wearing the wrong shoes.”  Followed by, “My feet are hurting.”  At that point I decided to speed up ahead.  While funny at first, with running I find I really need to concentrate on breathing and finding a groove to keep going.  His words were only making me remember how not in shape I felt to run this race, and that, dang, my feet were starting to hurt, too!  I didn’t see the little boy again but I’m guessing they made it to the finish line some time later. 

There is a massive hill in this race which for some reason I don’t quite remember it being quite so steep.  My shins have been complaining ever since.  I asked Athletica later if it was the same course as last year and she said, yes, it was.  It’s funny how the mind tends to forget these things.  I made it to the end in about 37 minutes which isn’t my worst (that would be Tucson back in June) but it wasn’t my best either.  One thing about races is that they can become addictive.  The next one is in December so I will be training for that one for sure.  Following that is one in early February up in Sedona. 

Saturday evening hubby took me to dinner which was very nice.  We had sushi.  We realized, too, that it had been some time since we had been out to a restaurant.  I suppose that is not a bad thing since we’ve been eating more meals at home and not out.  Later on that night I met Athletica for a Drive In movie.  We saw Paranormal Activity 3 which was horrible.  When those in cars around you start yelling expletives at that giant screen its a sure sign you pulled into the wrong lot.  I still don’t quite get the plot.  Athletica and I were discussing this in the car on the way home and we could not make heads or tails of it.  It was just that bad.

Yesterday I picked up a carbon monoxide detector for the camper.  Our old one broke and where we will be camping soon in cold weather, the windows will be shut.  It came with a fire alarm as well.  Even though we have one already I suppose one can never be too careful.  I made the reservation today for the trip *doing the happy dance* and can’t wait.    

Later on in the afternoon I was cleaning out the Girl Cave in anticipation of a couple of friends who will be coming to visit in a couple of weeks and just happen to turn the tv on to TLC.  Extreme Couponing was on.  I had never seen this before but had heard of it.  It caught my attention so I sat down for a few minutes to see what it was about.  Families had built shelving units in their garages and basements to store all their purchases.  One couple had 45 bags of potato chips but I’m really uncertain why one would need so many in the first place.  Is it more the thrill of the deal?  It showed ladies going to the grocery store and filling multiple carriages with all sorts of groceries.  It was an all day event.  They would plan this for weeks and have everything outlined in a spreadsheet beforehand.  Their total would be something like $1000+ and with all the coupons they would use, the bill would drop down to a minor $25 purchase.  I do use coupons to save money but what I’ve been wondering since watching this is, is this real?  I mean is this kind of ‘enhanced’ for television?  Out of curiosity I went through the Sunday paper and took out all the circulars, including both grocery stores and retailers like CVS, Walgreens and Target.   While I’m not 100% sure on how much these people on the reality show are really saving, I wonder if there really is some kind of strategy to this.

While it’s just the two of us at home (and 2 perpetually hungry fur kids) I started thinking about the types of things we use and wondered if I were to put some more thought and attention into this that I might be able to save us money in the long run.  I don’t need a case of peas or stuff like that.  We tend to eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruit so that ones a no brainer.  However, there are things like tissue and toothpaste, not to mention laundry detergent, that we go through quite often.  I saw at CVS that if you purchased certain ‘buy one get one free’ items you get these Reward Bucks that can be used as cash on your next purchase.  So I thought to myself, what if I took advantage of that, made one purchase to pay for the things I needed and then turned around right after that and used the Reward Bucks on a few other things all in the same trip?  Out of convenience I shop at the same store every Saturday regardless of whats on sale.  Could I really save us some money if I put a little time and effort into it?  I’m willing to give it a shot.    Of course I won’t be spending money on the prepackaged stuff but this would be on a much much smaller scale than what they show on tv.  We won’t be building extra shelving or holding up any lines while we purchase 18 million rolls of toilet paper.  I’ll be really curious to see how this works.  Or if it works.  I will post my results.  The circulars come out usually on Sunday mornings but are posted on Thursday evenings on  We shall see.

4 thoughts on “Post Race and A Penny Saved

  1. Congrats on the race – it sounds like you did well under the circumstances. I’m usually happy if I can get out jogging 2 to 3 times a week! And dang, I wish I had a girl cave! 😀 Funny because my boyfriend and I were just talking about that coupon show. Although I don’t think it should be glorified (hoarding food that will go to waste in the end) I do think there is something to that couponing business. Let me know if you find any secret passages. 😉

    • Thanks Emmy. I have been so darn sore all week. Especially my hip. My Dad, who is in his 60s, just had a bone scan done and it showed athritis in his hip. I can’t help but wonder if I am headed down the same path.

      When the house was being built about 9 years ago I was given the option of having an extra room off of the master bedroom or having it closed off as a separate bedroom. I of course choose it be my extra room. At the time I thought I might have children and that would make the perfect nursery but as I am heading away from the child bearing years it will remain the Girl & Weasel Cave. 😉

      Yeah, that show was interesting. Some of the ladies donated their purchases to the Ronald McDonald House or to a family in need, but the majority pretty much had a grocery store in their basement. It sort of rubbed me the wrong way too when it showed someone clearing out an entire shelf of product because they had coupons and it was on sale. It just seem inconsiderate to other shoppers. However, I do think there is a strategy with it and I can see saving some money by simply looking at circulars, cutting coupons and comparing prices. I don’t expect to save millions but I think with a little extra effort the grocery bill can be reduced some. I’m going to put this theory to test tonight on Halloween candy. We’ll see how I do.

  2. I am a very poor coupon shopper – it is not something we do in Australia so I found the whole idea of it bizarre when I came here. And, I absolutely *hate* getting caught behind someone at the checkout who waits until the end before pulling out a thick wad of coupons and asking the cashier to check if any of them work as if they are lottery tickets! 🙂 I once heard a story of a woman almost making money by selective coupon shopping – but it was basically a full-time occupation for her.

    • How interesting. I had no idea that it wasn’t popular in other countries. I suppose though I never gave it much thought either. I can see where that would be highly annoying to be behind someone when they’ve pulled out their wad of coupons. If I ever try to implement this, I’m going to go to a store when they aren’t busy, like early in the morning.

      For some of the ladies on the show I watched I can see how this would be a full time job. Some of them even got cash back on their purchases from the use of their coupons.

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