Bake Quest #12 Ideas Needed for November

  Another month is upon us and this is a very busy baking month for many people.  Any ideas of what we should do this month for the Bake Quest? 

One idea I had was to use a conventional cooking item and use it in an unconventional manner as an extra challenge.  For example, bake a cake in a mixing bowl, etc…  Thoughts?

Post your ideas and I’ll have them posted in a separate post.  🙂

8 thoughts on “Bake Quest #12 Ideas Needed for November

  1. Oh my God, a challenge? Let’s see what I can do. 😉

  2. I think if I baked a cake in my mixing bowl I’d have an oven of melted plastic 🙂 I did once bake a cake in an electric frypan though using a normal cake tin – it took about 3 times the normal time.

  3. That sounds wonderful! Especially since we’re expanding our kitchen appliances here. I don’t know that I could contriube much for the same reason – our resources are limited. However I use all sorts of wacky appliances to *prep* the items we are going to bake. Does that count?

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