Bake Quest #12 for November

 We’re shaking it up a bit this month.  Here’s the deal: make any recipe (the sky’s the limit) using an unconventional cooking tool.  For example, you can bake a cake in something other than a cake pan.

Let’s see what we can come up with.

There are lots or recipes posted on the Internet.  I checked.  😉

8 thoughts on “Bake Quest #12 for November

  1. I am so lame. All I was able to do was bake stuff in unusual containers.
    Cakes in an Orange:
    And of course, the cheese fondue in a pumpkin:
    Sorry! Been working a lot this month.

  2. Maybe a cake in a flowerpot?

  3. LOL Kerstin is to silly to make a cake 😉

  4. I had the best pot de creme a few nights ago – we have nothing that resembles the little cups, so it should be interesting if we try it. Will either be a triumph or a call to the fire department!

  5. Oye, I brought real – as in coarse and grainy – corn flour back with me from my trip! A big paper bag of it. I made fried chicken with it and Masha gobbled it up. I think he ate nine pieces – I made 12 and I ate 3 and nothing was remaining. Nothing compares to real maize flour!

  6. how about something unconventional ON it? I love chicken under a brick (with polenta, yummy)
    ps spellcheck on WP does not like polenta – LOL

  7. I’ll have something…

  8. I am seriously thinking… 🙂

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