Happy December!

Well, I will completely admit that I have been a total blogging lame-o this past month.  Not sure what came over me but I seem to have a bit of bloggers block.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Things have been really busy here but I’m hoping that will slow down within the next couple of weeks before the holidays.  There has been some trouble on the home front which I won’t get too much into here but it does make me sad.  Especially with the holidays around the corner.   I’ve spent more time with friends or on Facebook than I have here.

Anyway, during the month of November I had some girlfriends come out for a visit.  One came from Florida and the other came from Boston, where we all grew up.  We had plans to stay in the Bisbee/Tombstone area for one night but ended up increasing our stay for two nights.  I don’t think I have laughed so hard in my entire life.  And I can’t even say what about.  If I tried to repeat it, it wouldn’t make any sense to anyone else. 

The goal right now is to get back to Boston for Christmas so I’m currently working on making that a reality.  We’ll see.

Well, I should probably get down to the business of seeing what you are all up to.  🙂  Missed you guys!

I see the snow is back.  How cool is that?