Another Tale From The Weekend

This past Friday night Athletica invited me over for a sleep-over at her house.  It was nice to just be out of the house.  We ordered pizza, had wine and watched the movie The Help, which was excellent, by the way.   I seem to also sleep a bit better.  The wine maybe?  On Friday I forced myself to eat three square meals.  Enough of this.  I won’t let this whole situation have that kind of control over me any longer.  I gagged a few times but felt so much better in the long run.

Saturday morning we got up early and headed over to Athletica’s gym.  She is friends with the owner and his wife.  The owner, Brian, is very passionate about his work.  He is very encouraging and there were plenty of knuckle bumps and high fives after a completion of a set of reps on the circuit.  One of the exercises involved sitting on an aerobic stepper while pulling a rope with heavy weights tied to the end across the studio.  Once completed, you grabbed the end of the rope and ran to the other side of the gym to repeat it.  It was really hard but I enjoyed it.  Brian stood behind me yelling, “Pull Monsoon!  Pull!  Pull!  Pull!”  And pull I did, grunting like a contestant on The Biggest Loser the entire time.  I would like to join this gym and may do so in a couple of weeks.  Athletica has belonged for a few months and I can’t get over the difference in her. 

On Friday I got my car back.  It seem to be running so much better but on the way home I noticed it was still smoking.  Now the radiator needs to be replaced.  I was hoping to just be careful with the car as it is not overheating, until I could afford to get it fixed in a couple of weeks.  This was not to be.  Yesterday I left for work and something was clearly wrong.  The check engine light of death came on.  Never a good sign.  I texted Athletica once I got to work and asked her what she thought it could be.  She called me a bit later and said that a friend of hers was going to stop by to run a diagnostic. 

By mid-morning yesterday I was frazzled.  I turned some music on and started to work.  Then out of the blue I felt like I needed to stop what I was doing and just sit peacefully for a few minutes.  It was so strong.  I wasn’t to type one more letter or turn off the music.  I gave in and turned around to see the wind blowing through the palm trees and other trees not indigenous to this area.  Interestingly enough, my music shut off mid-song by itself.  I felt so much peace for those few minutes and it brought tears to me eyes.  Guess it was my God moment or something. 

Athetica’s friend came out mid-afternoon and ran the diagnostic on my car.  The leak in my radiator is now huge and two of the pistons in the engine were misfiring.  I had no choice but to call the former other half and ask for help.  I was to meet him at the mechanic’s house after work and then I would take my former MIL’s car to work.  Somehow we got to talking about all that’s been going on between us and I was trying hard to keep it together.  The feelings are still so raw.  It just seems so useless to even discuss it at this point.  We got off the phone and where my boss was gone for the day I let the flood waters open again.  My office is actually a very safe place for one to cry.  The door is locked, the walls are sound-proof and I am the only employee.  One day during one of my episodes, a client called.  I was quite impressed that I could switch gears so quickly and no one was the wiser.

So, I am looking forward to a few things.  This coming weekend Athletica and I are going to Sedona.  I have Friday off from work.  There is a race early Saturday morning.  We are staying at a really nice resort and will probably also do some hiking through the red rocks.  It should be so much fun and I am looking forward to a change of scenery.  The following weekend I am doing a few activities with that new activities group I joined.  This includes seeing a blues band play and also dinner at a traditional Chinese restaurant.  Athletica used her frequent flyer mile points for two tickets to Carlsbad, CA in April.  She is in a race and I’ll just be going to relax.  It was incredibly kind of her to offer and it is nice to have things to look forward to.  My beach cruiser will most likely remain on lay away for a while due to the costs of my car.  Luckily I have 90 days to pay for it and it hasn’t even been a month yet.

Not too much else has been heard from DGF.  While I lay in bed Sunday evening reading a book on Kindle through my phone, a message came through.  Thinking it was just some random email I decided not to check it right away.  About an hour later I checked and it was DGF.  “Happy Sunday,” is what it said.  I suppose he was either testing the waters with me or the new girlfriend may have been in the restroom.  I promptly ignored it and went back to my book.  In time I suppose, we’ll probably talk…but it won’t be today and most likely not tomorrow either.

10 thoughts on “Another Tale From The Weekend

  1. You’re doing great, Monsoon!
    Remember… the only way to survive is to be strong physically and mentally. Don’t respond if you really want to move on. Happy Friday!!

  2. So nice to see you back here, and you’re doing amazing! Keep up the physical stuff. It will make you strong and hungry. Think cave woman. Grr! 😀

    • Its so nice to be back! 🙂 I’ve actually woken up hungry the past couple of mornings which is normal for me. Just have to keep at it. It will make me strong like bull! LOL.

  3. I’d love a gym like that! I’ve always wanted a personal trainer, too–preferably a hot, buff, 22-23 year old man. 😉
    Sounds like you’re having fun. I’m sorry about the car. 😦 Keep at it!

    • It is really a great place. The work is very tough but Brian is very encouraging.

      Well the good news is that I got my car back last night and it is running like brand new. 🙂

  4. Good luck with the car. Is Athletica your friend’s real name?

  5. the gym sounds excellent!!!! Hang in there, keep eating. All is going to work out.

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