Statehood Day, Valentines and Some Other Things

Arizona Statehood Day

Happy Anniversary to the state of Arizona which celebrated 100 years of statehood yesterday.

 The red and gold of the flag are to commemorate Coronado’s expedition of the Seven Cities of Cibola in 1540.  It also represents the western setting sun.  There are 13 which represent the 13 states that first entered the Union.  The star represents copper, as copper is widely mined still throughout Arizona. 

The blue matches the blue in the American flag. 

Pretty cool, huh?


4am comes very quickly!

This morning was the first day of the early morning workouts.  I was in bed early last night where my eyes were shutting somewhere between watching Sheldon and Raj from The Big Bang Theory duke it out with nerf guns while blaring Indian music, and a cheezy make-out scene on Glee.  I was up and out early and headed up to the gym.  Athletica was already there.  It is by far one of the toughest workouts.  My arms felt like they were going to fall off, literally!  However, I’m happy to be there and look forward to having a much stronger body.  My nausea seems to have returned.  This has been tough because I of course have to eat to keep up with these workouts.  Sometimes I can’t even get the toothbrush in my mouth without gagging.  I’ll be happy when this passes.  In the meantime I will ride this out and keep pressing forward.  It can’t last forever.

Valentine’s Day

Last night the ex came over as he had a bit of news to share.  I was civil to him and was semi-surprised to see that he had arrived with a bouquet of copper-colored roses (in honor of the AZ statehood maybe?), a card and a pizza.  I of course hadn’t thought of getting him anything.  We sat at the table and out of habit I grabbed a dinner plate and served him the pizza.  I sat across from him.  His news was that he is moving to N. Dakota for work.  Oddly enough I was devoid of emotion at the news.  We made small talk for a while.  I finally got up to place the roses in some water and then read the card.  He has never been of the sentimental variety so I read the note inside and tried not to cry in front of him.  I thought about it later on while watching tv that maybe he loved as much as he is capable of loving.  That is just it.  End of story.  That was his best.  I don’t know. 

Monday night was rather interesting.  DGF changed his status on Facebook to make it look like he was single.  Let’s just say Miss Unaware is now Miss Aware and was not happy about the news.  I have a sneaking suspicion that this was done for my benefit.  He texted me that evening.  My grandmother used to have a saying in Spanish that was a long the lines of  ‘you’ve made your bed, now lie in it’.   That would have been quite fitting if I could’ve remembered what it was.   Despite my vow to never speak to him, I ended up texting him back to never contact me again.  Lament to someone else.  I’m quite certain a Happy Valentine’s Day was had by all involved.  Idiot.  This will be my last mention of him going forward.  I have enough drama going on in my life without having him adding to it.  He’s played upon my sympathies long enough.

A client came in today and handed me a $50 bill.  I asked what it was for and he said I should use it to go out to lunch.  Then he handed me another $50 bill and told me to give it to my boss.  Before tucking it into my purse I waited for my boss to arrive because I wasn’t sure if it would be unethical to take it or not.  I guess it was okay.  Is that a pedicure I see in my immediate future?  Actually, it will probably end up in savings.

My cousin left for Afghanistan this past weekend.  He promised to send his address over there so that I can send him a care package or two.  He also said he’d be flying into Phoenix after this tour is up and that we’d paint the town red.  I so hope that he gets back here okay.  I will pray for his safety every day.  He’s a tough kid though.  That won’t keep me from worrying regardless.  Be safe, my dear cousin.  Godspeed.



6 thoughts on “Statehood Day, Valentines and Some Other Things

  1. a end is a good new beginning… the winter here…hope the spring is on the front of the door :-)…Hugs my friend…..from here to you 🙂

    • Very true Kerstin. They say when a door closes a window opens. I hope spring time is near for you. It’s been a mild winter all over the US. Hugs back at you my friend!

  2. I have trouble brushing my teeth first thing in the morning sometimes. I have a very strong gag reflex. It’s a problem sometimes at the dentist.

    • Isn’t that the worst? Its funny that you bring up the dentist. I was there about a month ago and they placed all this stuff in my mouth for X-rays. I did gag and was ready to yell in my best Monty Python impersonation for someone to bring me a bucket!

  3. Sounds to me that, even though it still was hurtful because I am sure your heart still feel very raw, the card was just another step towards being able to close the chapter.

    Do you now feel tempted to go back to the East coast, closer to family? Or are you feeling home enough to stay in AZ?

    I want to see pictures when you have painted the town red with your cousin *hehehe*

    • I think you are right. I didn’t think about it at the time but the card and the news of his leaving did feel like closure. I don’t really feel tempted to go back east. Arizona is home. I love my little house, too. I was, however, tempted to move to Sedona after visiting a few weeks ago. I won’t be making too many brash decisions though for a while. We’ll see.

      Hopefully the pics of me and my cousin won’t be mugshots! LOL.

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