More Tales from The Gym (& a Mysterious Scale)

So last Friday I arrived at the gym at 5am to see that neither Athletica or Brian (the trainer)’s wife were there.  I was the sole candidate for early morning torture and Brian let me know I was in for it.  Where the heck was Athletica, I’m thinking.  I pictured her sound asleep in her warm bed, with her little chihuahua dog curled up next to her.  I was tempted to call her, laugh maniacally, and then hang up.  That will teach her to leave me on a killer solo workout. 

I will be honest.  This has been quite far the toughest workout I have ever done.  Slowly though, I’m starting to see some small changes, mainly in my arms.  Of course no one is exactly asking me for directions to the gun show yet but hey, that’s not why I’m doing this.  I am sore.  Each day something different hurts but it is a good kind of sore.  The other night I had no difficulty opening a jar of olives without the former other half’s help (now about that parallel parking thing. . .just kidding.  I grew up in a city so its second nature).

Just to give an idea of some of the exercises, one of the sets involves flipping a tractor tire up and back the length of the gym.  Here is a picture that shows the tractor with said tire.  It is the bigger tire, and man was that hard!

 The true test will be how my endurance is for running.  There is a run coming up on 3/10 that I’ve started training for.  It looks like my trainer is going as well.  Athletica and a few other people from the gym are doing that one race, too.  Monday morning we did lunges, squats and push ups (no girl push ups allowed, ugh).  In between we sprinted on the treadmill for 2 minute intervals.  The cool thing about all this is that I know I would never have pushed myself as hard as Brian pushes us.  When I looked down at the treadmill speed and realized how fast I was actually running I thought, wow, I can do this.  I can really do this! 

Running really is mind over matter at times.  I think that sometimes in a race I will stop myself and just start to walk when I know I could really be running. 

Brian has this special scale he uses which measures body fat, bone density and dehydration.  You basically stand on it like any other scale and then you hold onto these two handles that come up out of the scale.  This was rather an interesting tool.  Here I am thinking I am in such good shape and then I got a harsh dose of reality.  Although I’ve lost 45 lbs in the past couple of years, the scale showed my body fat being much higher than I thought.  My body also thinks it’s 68 years old (I’m 43).  Hmm.  I wondered how accurate it was.  Athletica stepped on and although she is in her mid-50s, her body shows as being that of a 28-year-old (hence why I call her Athletica).  So…I guess I have some work to still do.  At least my bone density is good and I’m not showing a lot of fat around my organs, which is important.  I can only imagine what the scale would have said if I were still 45lbs heavier.  Yikes!

The scale here is similar to the one Brian uses but the handles are on the sides.


In addition to this new workout regime, I started a new eating plan that was provided with the gym membership.  It is sooo much food!  Yesterday was the first day and I wondered to myself if this was correct.  My boss is a fitness guru so I asked him about it today and he said that sounded about right.  There are five meals a day which contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats.  Certain fruits and veggies are counted as carbohydrates, as well as some dairy, too.  This is all very interesting.  I’ll be curious to see what the results will  yield. 


12 thoughts on “More Tales from The Gym (& a Mysterious Scale)

  1. The things you are doing are positive and good for you and that is so indicative of how strong you are. I know many a woman crawled into their bed (or a bar) and not come out for months when were going through a big breakup.

    I personally do not like scales. I think it is because my mother and sisters weighed themselves like maniacs, more than one time a day even…also they were diet pill poppers. And they would buy clothes that were too small and squeeze into them. I think their unhealthy attitude about their bodies made me afraid of scales.It also rubbed off on me for many years…when I was in my 20s I was dieting and I weighed like 115 and still thought I should be thinner. At 5 foot 7. WHAT! Yes. It’s mental, isn’t it? Once my sister said my arse was so big they could balance a cooked turkey on it. Can you imagine hearing that?

    I am sure my body fat would not please Athletica, but I am happier with a bit of fat on me than the stringy thing I used to be who had no breasts. I had to buy new bras! I also look younger. So do not lose all your fat! I have seen your photos, you are lovely and not everyone is meant to be a size 6.Just my 2 cents.

    • Thanks B. I think I am too pissed off most of the time so it makes it easier to take it out through the workouts or running. LOL.

      I hear you about the scales. My family was somewhat weight obsessed, too, while I was growing up. Seem like my mother was always on a diet. At 17 I was diagnosed with anorexia. Looking back now I don’t know how the heck I starved myself for that long and didn’t die. While my main focus is health and fitness now, my body is still not the same from that time. I have hypothyroidism and then fertility issues which I believe were caused by this. However, nowadays, its not about being as thin as I possibly can be. It’s really about avoiding osteoporosis through weight bearing exercises and also challenging myself through races and constantly trying to beat my old time.

      Food is seen as a fuel now so I’ve learned in time (and its taken me a really long time) to focus on proper nutrition as a lifestyle and not a fad diet.

      My gosh, that is terrible what your sister said! My grandmother, as much as I love her, was pretty brutal like that while I was growing up. I don’t think people realize the damage they do when they make comments like that. My sister now is always on a diet and I can’t help but wonder if she has been struggling with an eating disorder for years that has been undiagnosed. Her 15 year old son is on the chunky side and I see him having the opposite problem. He can’t stop eating sometimes.

      And thank you for the kind comments! I don’t think I could be a size 6 if I tried. My focus is really on perfect health and not so much the size of my jeans. 🙂 But if I lose a few pounds a long the way, so be it. 😉

  2. Wow, it is really a nice thing to know that you’re really committed to your workout regime. I have been going to Zumba once a week for 4 weeks and have lost 5 Ibs. Now I know that is not a great amount but, that is with no diet.

    Keep up the good work. You won’t regret it! 🙂

    • Thanks Zoom. And it sounds like you are committed to yours as well! That is wonderful. Zumba is a lot of fun. Gotta love that music! And good for you for losing 5 lbs! That’s great!

  3. Wow! Sounds hard! O.O I bet that scale would tell me that I had the body of a forty year old. XD I need to work out more–a lot more. XD LOL! I can’t wait to hear about the results. So why do you have 5 meals a day? Do you need the extra food for the extra exertion.

    • Hi Alicia, it is hard but where this is the end of the first two weeks, its starting to feel a bit better. I’m not quite sure about the accuracy of that scale but it was interesting nonetheless. The 5 meals a day is really to keep metabolism up. I figured out the calories and it is actually normal for weightloss. I think it seems like more because I am eating a lot more protein, which is typically more filling, than before.

  4. Ahem – I own a scale that also measures body fat. I think there is a reason why I haven’t used that function yet. Though I after you mentioning the biological age – that is something I would love to know.
    Am glad to hear that you having these kind of success story with your running and realizing that your body can do so much more then your mind. Keep it up!

    • Yes, my home scale has that function but I haven’t tested it out in quite some time. Not sure how accurate that would be either. I’m sure there are other ways to figure out your biological age other than that type of scale. While I don’t feel like I did in my 20s, I’m quite certain that I’m not feeling 68 yet.

      And thank you! It is neat to see how much you can push yourself. I’m also happy to report that I’m leaving the gym without feeling like I’m going to croak. Always a plus! 🙂

  5. How can standing on a scale and holding two handles tell it all that stuff?

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