The Tenacity of Life

While coming out from work one evening I spotted this little plant growing in a moving stream.  I stopped and observed this from several different angles. 

  Water is moving quickly over it yet somehow it grew up through the rock it is rooted to and managed to sprout despite the water moving turbulently around it.  Now I’m no scientist when it comes to aquatic plant species but this little plant continues to baffle me every time I walk by.  Despite the seeming odds, it continues to grow and does not waver considering all that is going on around it.

Surely, I thought, the landscapers will catch sight of this little plant and pluck it out of the stream.  Afterall, it is a man-made stream and is maintained frequently.  Yet, every day I spot this little plant and sure enough, it is still there.

It sort of reminds me of life.  No matter how harsh the conditions or what comes our way, with the right amount of tenacity we can stand up straight.  We can grow. 

I actually took this picture last week.  I wanted to include this in a blog post but wanted it to make sense and not come off as too sappy.  Sometimes in nature there are signs of perseverance.  For me, when I see this little plant growing with all that rushing water around it, I breathe a sigh of relief. 


It gives me hope.


5 thoughts on “The Tenacity of Life

  1. Hi there.. just crusin’ around a bit this morning..I always stop by your place to see how you are and what you’ve been up to.. still with the exercise routine and work – of course..I often think of taking the day off.. and once I think of it and don’t do it.. it makes my whole day a little ‘out of sorts’.. Amazing plant life ..amazing life itself. Take care..and a tiny kiss to the little one 🙂 C’C’

  2. Monsoon, you are simply amazing. 🙂 Love this post! Exactly what I needed today. Keep at it!

  3. In San Diego, from the Interstate 8 west, as you pass under the I-15, there’s a small tree growing out of a seam in the concrete. It must be three feet tall. I imagine its roots slowly undermining the structural integrity of the overpass. Once, it was cut back, but it grew back again.

  4. Beautifully written and very true!

  5. It’s lovely. and no you did not come off as maudlin…

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