Navigating the Fog – Part 2

In our attempts at getting Dad back on a regular routine of taking his medicines, my best friend brought to my attention the use of an automatic pill dispenser. Apparently this little countertop kiosk may be loaded with several medications and be set to dispense dosages at certain times. It will then send a text to the recipient’s phone to remind them to take their medication. While this seems like a great idea, I have my concerns.

In using the pill divider Sister 2 had originally set up, it was a complete fail because Dad still didn’t remember he had medication to take. He was even reminded with alarms set to go off at certain intervals to tell him it was time to take his pills. It seems to me we are only swapping the pill box for an automatic dispenser and are expecting different results. Time will reveal the outcome.

On the plus side, said medications will be dispensed into a cup. Nothing like living 3,000 miles away and your parent can’t get the childproof cap off his medication. I sent him a set of rubber dishwashing gloves via Amazon to help give him some traction. Regardless, I hope this pill dispenser will help.

Last week I ordered this device after consulting with Sisters 1 and 2. I expressed my concerns but everyone thought it was still a good idea to have this. In an assisted living situation it will also make the difference in the type of care Dad will need. I will write a review once it is up and running. It is being sent to Sister 2’s house as she lives the closest to Dad.

Hero Health Pill Dispenser

We’ll see how this goes when it arrives. I have a feeling we will still need to call Dad to remind him of the times he needs to take his medication. The cost of this is usually $100 but I got it for half that with a code provided on the website. It’s about $30 a month for the service. It will be worth it knowing he isn’t struggling to get the prescription bottle open.

Here’s other info on the dispenser:

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