End Of Summer

Taking a Hike

Here we are at the end of August already.  My gosh, how time flies.  This summer, so far, I’ve done a lot of hiking.  Two of the best trips took place in Sedona, with one being at the beginning of this month.  Years of exploring Sedona and I never knew of these hidden gems.  The most recent hike had us traveling along the red rock which opened up into a swimming hole.  People jumped off the cliffs into the water.  It was a very hot day so the water proved to be very refreshing.  Athletica has also joined the same hiking group that I belong to.  Here is a picture of the swimming hole:

The Rules Have Changed (Apparently)

Athletica was asked out on date recently by someone in our hiking group.  According to her it wasn’t a date, but being the great friend I am it didn’t stop me from razzing her about it.  I texted her to ask her how her ‘date’ was.  She responded with, “It’s not a date!”

“Okay,” I texted back.  “How was your ‘it’s-not-a-date’ date?”  No response (lol).  She told me later that it couldn’t possibly be a date because he had used a Groupon to pay for dinner.  So that’s how it is determined these days.  Guess the rules really have changed in the past decade.  Who knew?

Motorcycle Summer

 This summer has been one of the funnest ones on record.  Outside of the crazy heat I will be sad to see the seasons change.  I went with Matteo about a month ago to a biker bar to see a band play.  Let me tell you I saw some crazy stuff that night!  Very fun though.  I got in at 3:30am!

Its been interesting hanging with Matteo.  Back in Boston in the 1970s bikers there were either stared at in awe or were feared.  We had a biker bar down the street and I remember my father discouraging me from looking at them as we drove by.  I remember being on the freeway in the family station wagon and peering out the window in the most casual manner my 10 year old self could muster, at the couple on the Harley passing us.  A thin tan blonde woman sat on the back of the bike.  She wore leather pants with matching bikini top.  Her long hair was woven into two braids.  I don’t quite recall what the man looked like but most then had long hair and bushy beards.     Riding with Matteo has fished these memories to the surface.  Sometimes I’ll hear his bike pull up to the driveway and I’ll peek out the slats of the kitchen shutters at him, dressed in his bike garb.  I swear I lose my breath for a second.  Maybe it’s just my rebellious Catholic school girl nature.  I don’t know.  But where there is this tall, dark handsome man standing in my driveway next to a Harley, I can’t help myself.  (I can still hear my sister’s voice from that day on the freeway back in the 1970s: “Dad told you not to look”).  I started wearing a bandana around my face when we ride because Matteo has taken the windshield off the bike.  He reminded me that I should probably remove it before we entered a liquor store this past weekend.  I guess I would have made a few folks a little nervous.

Speaking of Matteo, he is off to New Mexico for the weekend for his highschool reunion.   He has become a great friend and sometimes when I’m with him I realize how many great experiences I’ve had since I let go of the past.  I’ve come to realize that letting go, as hard as it is or as scary as it may seem, often opens the doors for new things.   With that being said though, there are still things that need to be let go of.

Matteo’s bike:

   Florida/Race Bound

In a few weeks I will be flying to Florida for another fun trip with my best friend, Quasimomma .  We did this last year and had a blast.  I will fly into the gulf side and we will drive over to my aunt’s condo the next day.  The Smokester will be kenneled at her vet.  Not sure how I’ll handle Abby yet.

We are running in a 5k the first Saturday there.  We have always wanted to do a 5k together so I’m really ecstatic that our dream is coming into fruition.

Letting Go

Yesterday was not a good day.  I’ve been fighting with my ex for pretty much a week now.  While I haven’t mentioned it before, I will say that he has an addiction problem that he refuses to see.  It’s very frustrating.  We are still in contact although he is living really far away.  Sometimes I will call because I need an answer to something and I can hear in his voice that he is not sober.  I wish sometimes I could record his voice and play it back for him so he could hear how stupid he sounds.  When I ask him if he is drunk he will often lie and tell me he was asleep and that’s why his voice sounds that way.  It hit me the other night that I really do need to let go.  It’s not worth getting angry over anymore.  I’ve had a lot of anxiety over this the past couple of days and he is also scheduled to come back to Phoenix for a visit starting tonight.  We need to get together to talk about a few things.  It hit me today that we have been separated for almost a year.  He’s got until January 1st to get himself straight.  If not, then it’s time for me to move on for good.

I call this one Ruben:

So. . .I pretty much fought with him over text messaging on my way to work yesterday (I have the voice activated option so was not texting while driving).  I got into work to find the Internet down.  I looked up the number to our service provider from my phone.  I called and received that stupid recorded prompt which only told me to go their website for technical support.  Luckily I found another number and a man there was able to reset the modem from wherever he was.  I logged into email and found a scathing response from a client I had left a voice mail message for last week.  She had multiple changes to a project we are working on and each time she placed a change request she would promise it was the last one.  I simply asked her to sit with her documentation and outline all the changes in one fell swoop rather than piece mailing it.  I didn’t think I came off as angry or anything, but by her response I could tell she was ticked.  I did call her and straighten it out; however, it did get me thinking.
Was she angry because she felt that I was trying to rush her?  Or did I come off as threatening without even realizing it?  I’d have to say that my rapport with most clients is great.  Still though, I wonder at times if I come off a little abrasive.  I need to chat with my boss about this.

Last night I didn’t sleep well.  It was just one of those days.  Before work though I dedicate at least 30 minutes to prayer and meditation.  I say these out loud and as the words left my lips this morning I could feel such a release of tension.  Just a total letting go.  Letting go of the fight with the ex, letting go of the work stuff.  I felt lighter.

Camp Bound

Saturday morning I will pack up the SUV and head north to camp for another Labor Day weekend.  I won’t have the camper this year because the ex has the truck with him that I would usually use to pull it.  I did look into renting a U-Haul pick up truck but the connector for the brakes and lights isn’t correct.  Another place has the perfect truck that is affordable but the deposit is almost as much as my mortgage.  I just can’t risk that.  Looks like me, the pooch and the weasel are tenting it.  I’ve been so spoiled.  Hope we do okay.

And finally, more hiking. . .

  I’ve joined yet another hiking group and did a night hike Monday night.  It was really great fun and in addition to meeting some new people, one lady from Boston, too, we got to see some of the wild life that comes out at night in the desert.  Here is one of those said critters (yes, it’s a rattle snake): 

There’s another night hike tonight.  We’ll see what this trip yields.  🙂


A Weekend In The Woods

We arrived late Friday night to the White Mountains of Arizona.  We pretty much set up camp, had some dinner and went to bed.  Saturday morning while sitting outside with our coffee, I noticed the dirt moving near the fire pit when all of a sudden out popped this cute, little, fuzzy, gray mole face.  Apparently he was curious to his new visitors.  It didn’t take Abby long to figure out that there was something in there.  She stuffed her snout as far in as she could. 

A few minutes later the mole popped his head up from a hole a few yards away and watched Abby furiously dig at the ground.  I wondered if he was upset that all his hard work was being undone by a curious pooch.  I think he was mostly curious though.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the mole. 

Smokey did really well camping.  I did end up finding her a sweater, in the garage no less.  It must have belonged to one of my other ferrets at one point.  It was too bulky though and really impeded her ability to move her front paws.  The nights were really chilly.  We wore our winter clothes.  But the days were fantastic. 

A girlfriend of mine saw this same picture of Smokey on Facebook and asked if we had caught a squirrel while away.  I had to explain to her that this was my ferret; a much beloved pet.  Too funny.  Smokes loved camping.  She is such a little climber so I had to really keep an eye on her while out.  Sunday morning, while doing dishes, I turned around and she was up on the kitchen table with her nose in my coffee.  Little monster.  Luckily she is so darn cute.

She and Abby both did really well.  This time we stayed at a campsite so Abby didn’t have the luxury of running free.  Smokey sniffed around the campsite and when she was done she would stand up against my pant leg.  Two little girls from a neighboring campsite came by with their Dad to check out Smokey.  Smokey loved the attention.

Saturday was the perfect quintessential Fall day.  We had always passed by a sign in the small town of Strawberry that pointed out a historic school-house.  For some reason my pictures of the outside of it will not load onto WordPress.  This new camera phone has been very tricky.  I did, however, get a picture of the inside from the window. 

It’s not the best picture.  You can probably see my reflection in the glass but it shows a little of what was inside.  What you can’t see is the pot-bellied stove near the front.  This school was in operation from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. 

While we were there Hubby noticed a sign for a dairy up the street that sold cheese and fudge.  The man can smell food from a mile away, I swear.  We headed a few miles up the road where the asphalt gradually turned to dirt, until we came to Fossil Creek Creamery.

The creamery sold items made from goat’s milk.  Here are a few of the welcoming committee.  They also had llamas, including one I got to lead.  She was really adorable.  All white with a permanent smile on her face. 

Of course we didn’t leave without making a few purchases.  We bought goat cheese flavored with shiraz wine and marion berries, goat milk fudge with pecans, and then a few caramels to eat in the car.  We also purchased this hot garlic sauce that came in a small mason jar and was out of this world good.

We drove back into town via the dirt road.  The breeze picked up just as we were getting ready to pass a tree full of bright yellow leaves.  They flew over the truck and their scent mingled with the warm air.  For a second I thought I was back in New England. 

After that we stopped at a small market and a gentleman was selling homemade mango salsa and homemade tortilla chips.  He wore a Hawaiian print shirt which was as vibrant as his personality.  We sampled a few of his wares and purchased some salsa and chips (it was not a low-calorie weekend by any stretch).  There was a cozy little restaurant tucked into the ponderosa pines that we also have passed quite a few times.  Today we stopped for lunch.  It was really nice to sit and have a sandwich while drinking a cold Guinness.

We returned to the camper where Smokey was sound asleep.  I don’t think she even noticed we were gone.  Hubby took Abby for a walk and I took a nap.  We prepared a hearty beef stew dinner in the crock pot (thanks Zoom!) for later that night and ate it with crusty wheat bread.  It was delicious! 

My parents are making me wear this dorky jacket.

The night was really cold.  I haven’t worn a winter hat since visiting Alaska a few years ago.  We dressed Abby in her jacket and Smokes just stayed in the camper.  I meant to mention that when we got up on Saturday there was still some snow visible in the shadier areas. 

Hubby thought it would be great to bring the satellite tv hook up.  I was hoping he wouldn’t but didn’t say anything.  He tried setting it up Saturday morning and it just wasn’t working.  He spent some time on the phone with customer service who insisted it was the box.  He knew that wasn’t it.  I have to admit, I was secretly relieved that it didn’t work.  It was so peaceful up there and there were only a few other campers near us as it is off-season.  On Sunday morning, while packing up, he discovered there was a slice in the cable line which was probably the real reason it didn’t work.  Such is life.  And no, it wasn’t me that placed the slice in the cable.  😉

Camping, Candy and Couponing

Pimp My Kennel

 In anticipation of our camping trip I got back Abby’s old kennel from a friend who had borrowed it so that Smokey would have her own little place to hang out while away.  Most of the stuff in it had belonged to Monsoon.  I attached the hammock with paper clips so that it would be low enough for her to climb into.  On the bottom is a polar fleece blankie and a polar fleece lined sleep sack.   I’ve also grabbed a blanket to throw over the cage at night for extra warmth.  This little desert dweller is just not used to the cold.

Both Abby and Smokey couldn’t keep away from the kennel this morning.  Everytime I walked out into the livingroom the two of them were in close proximity of it.  Smokey was in it exploring when she thought it would be a good idea to stand up on her hind legs while clinging to the door with her front paws.  The weight of her little body pushed the door open with her still holding on and she flew forward before falling flat on her tummy.  She seem to be in a state of surprise.  Wish I had gotten it on camera.  It was very funny.

The animals seem to sense that something is going on.  Abby especially can sense it.  I’m not sure how it is they pick this up but they do.  Smokey ran around with an air of excitement, too.  I swear sometimes they are part human.

According to hubby, there is snow on the ground where we are going.  He works in construction and had been talking to a trucker that had just come from there.  I’m not sure if there will be much on the ground when we get there but I wouldn’t mind at all if there were.

My MIL is not coming with us now because our nephew’s (her grandson) wife is having a baby shower this Saturday.  As this is their 4th child MIL had planned on still coming with us.  I think she was feeling some pressure from the rest of the family so she felt she needed to attend.  I felt very bad for her.  She called last night and I could just hear the disappointment in her voice.  My goodness, she is in her mid-70s now, has 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.  Is it really necessary for her to attend one more shower at this point?  Hubby was going to talk to her again today to see if he could persuade her to still come.

Adventures in Couponing

So last night after looking over the weekly circulars to see what was on sale I headed on over to Walgreens with my coupons to get some Halloween candy.  I thought I was getting quite the bargain by combining sale prices with a few coupons I had.  Fail.  Once I got home I still had the CVS circular sitting on the counter and saw that I would’ve gotten the same amount of candy for almost half of what I paid at Walgreens.  Live and learn.  This is really my first time messing with this stuff so I won’t beat myself up too badly. 

 After this I headed over to the grocery store to pick up some things we needed for camping.  I had a list of things I needed and I also was working within a budget.  What was really neat was that I was actually able to get some brand name items for cheaper than the store brand items that I usually buy.  That is a treat.  We’ve gotten used to the store brands, which is fine.  It’s sort of like getting used to drinking skim milk because its better for you than whole milk. 

All in all I was pretty happy with the result of this.  Between Halloween candy and groceries for the weekend I saved $13.  While not a huge chunk of change that’s still $13 more than I would have had if I hadn’t have planned ahead.    It really took a minimal amount of time to go through the circulars.  Most stores even have them online now.  Cutting coupons has been something I’ve done for years so I keep them in an envelope in my purse.  It also helps that I live in close proximity to three separate grocery chains and two drug store chains that also carry groceries,  so I’m not defeating the purpose by driving all over town.  I’m looking forward to the next trip.  My goal is to save more than $13 next time.  We’ll see what the Sunday paper brings.


Update on Thursday

Its been somewhat of a whirlwind around these parts since returning from Florida almost a month ago.  I have found myself to be incredibly busy both at work and at home.  Although it does make the days go by incredibly fast I’m hoping that things will slow down a bit going forward.

We have a camping trip planned soon and I’m really starting to look forward to that.  My MIL is coming with us again so I hope she will enjoy herself just as much as she did when she came for the big Labor Day weekend trip.  We will be heading up to the mountains where the highs during the day will be in the 50s and the lows will be in the 20s.  Brrrr!  This will also be Smokey’s first camping trip.  I hope she will do okay.  My main concern is that she is warm enough.  I did find a ferret jacket (yeah, they do make and sell them believe or not) but I’m not sure if she would keep it on.

  Here it is.  It’s kind of cute but I admit feeling kind of silly.  I mean, come on.  A jacket for a ferret?  Anyway, shipping cost almost as much as the jacket itself so I think I might just take an old sock and cut some holes for her front legs and head.  And of course she won’t care what all the ferrets in Paris are wearing this Fall.  She’s kind of like her Mom that way.

Recently I read online about a girl who takes her ferrets everywhere.  She had been on vacation at a lake somewhere and she had pictures of her ferrets out and about on the lawn and running beside the lake.  She was also in a little row-boat with her husband and ferrets when the ferrets decided to jump in for a swim.  She jumped in after them and they all swam the rest of the way to the shore (not sure how far away from the shore they were).  People had asked her if she was concerned for her animals.  There are predators in the sky and just so many things ferrets can get into.  She said that she felt that she needed to take some risks with them because they can’t be cooped up in the house all day.  Their lives are so short that they need to get out. 

This really stuck with me.  Monsoon was very sheltered.  I don’t think I have ever kept such a close careful eye on any of my pets like I did with Monsoon.  Smokey has started accompanying us on our early morning weekend walks.  The first weekend I tried it with her she kept slipping out of her harness so I had to hold her most of the way.  This past weekend I found a harness that fits well around her skinny little body and that seem to do the trick.  She would follow behind me until she heard a dog bark or a rooster crow.  Then she would freeze and I’d have to carry her for a while.  I’m excited that she is going to experience camping.  While I will still keep a close eye on her I feel good about bringing her out to different places for her to explore.  I want her to experience different smells and to be able to dig in the dirt if she chooses.

Out For A Walk

This Saturday there is another 5k race which will be the first of the season.  The last one I did was down in Tucson on a crazy hot night back in early June.  I don’t feel particularly prepared for this one so we’ll see how it goes.  This one I did a year ago and a part of it is uphill.  Athletica has been training like mad for all these upcoming races.  She has been getting up at 4am to run 8 miles each morning before work. 

While I absolutely love my job, I seem to have entered into a strange phase.  There has been a lot of back tracking lately on certain things.  A few weeks ago I transposed a number in a client’s phone number that was listed on at least 100+ pages of documentation I had given him.  This resulted in having to have the client come back in with all his paperwork while I restapled the page with the corrected number back into the packet.  Luckily this error was only on the last page and not somewhere in the middle.  Another client wanted changes to a document but I was able to talk her out of it luckily as it was in her best interest to leave things ‘as is’.  And yet another client wanted extensive changes to a document that our contractor wasn’t happy about.  In this case the client was in the right.  These are all normal things that happen.  It just seems like lately there have been lots of fires to put out.  It’s definitely keeping me on my toes!

The weather here has been beautiful.  The days are still warm, with temps hovering around 100 degrees, but the nights are just gorgeous.  The winter comforter hasn’t made its way back to the bed yet but I have had to throw an extra blanket on to feel comfortable.  One thing I notice is that in October the light really starts to change.  While we don’t have many trees here to witness Fall foliage on, the evening sun casts an orange glow on the mountains surrounding the city and everything for a few glorious moments appears to be golden.  So beautiful and so different.  It can only be Fall in the desert.

Two girlfriends of mine will be visiting in a few weeks from back east.  One is coming to attend a conference and the other heard we were getting together and wanted to come, too.  The first one is the same friend I met in Florida a few weeks ago.  We’ve been friends since second grade.  It’s kind of funny that we hadn’t seen each other in 4 years and now we will have seen each other twice in a matter of months.  The other girlfriend I have known since highschool.  She is flying in from Boston. 

The plan is to go down to Tombstone and Bisbee, AZ for sightseeing, and then head over to Sonoita for the wine tastings.  We will most likely do a ghost tour in Tombstone which is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the US.  While the paranormal aspect of it is interesting, what I like about these tours is learning the history of a place and also some of the local folklore.   

Halloween is right around the corner.  We have no plans for any parties.  Most of our friends have kids so the concentration tends to be more on kid related activities.  I am,  however, sitting outside with my next-door neighbor to pass out candy to the kids.  We may dress up.  We haven’t decided yet.  Last year we forewent our yearly Halloween activity because she was working.  The tradition is that we set up a table for snacks for us and whatever adult wants to join us, and then we drink pumpkin beer out of plastic cups (we want to at least give the impression that we are responsible adults).  In the early days of our Halloween get togethers in her driveway, we didn’t disguise our beer bottles.  One year a parent grabbed his kid’s pillow case and held it open in hopes we would drop a beer in it.  We all got a good laugh over that.  In later years we thought it best to place it in plastic cups so kids coming over for candy would have a hopefully better image of their neighbor ladies. 

Another Labor Day Weekend Down

It’s been almost a week since we left for the annual Labor Day camping trip and I am happy to report that we made it up with no incident.  We took two vehicles, just in case.  MIL drove up with hubby while SIL1 drove up with me.  We arrived in the early afternoon and I was surprised that hubby was not already there as he and MIL had left before us.  As it turns out they made a few stops.  Five to be exact.  I joked with SIL1 that the only reason why there were so many stops made is because the Old Battle Axe (me)wasn’t around.  My Dad was the same way and had an extreme aversion to stopping on a long road trip.  You had to be bleeding, barfing or broken, and even then it was questionable.  I am definitely my father’s daughter.

This year was quieter than most years.  A few of the regulars didn’t make it  but I have to admit it was kind of nice this way. 

MIL really enjoyed herself.  We were bombarded by phone calls first thing by SIL 2 & 3, and also BIL making sure that MIL was in good hands.  Upon arrival she announced several times how beautiful and peaceful the surroundings were.  The first evening us ladies decided to turn in early.  It was very chilly so we all had to dress in our winter p.j.s.  MIL started telling us about her adventures in Mexico with one of her sisters and we laughed until we had tears in our eyes.  It was very much a sleep-over atmosphere. 

On Saturday afternoon MIL decided she was going to make homemade tortillas for the crew the next day so we headed into town to pick up some provisions.  We tried to find a rolling-pin but there were none to be had.  We improvised using a cylinder shaped concrete tool hubby had taken out of his truck and it worked better than any other rolling-pin I’ve ever used.  I just happen to bring a pizza stone from home and this ended up being the perfect baking instrument.  We placed it over the outside gas burner and it cooked up the most delectable tortillas ever made from scratch.  MIL had made a batch for us to have for breakfast Sunday morning but once word got out, one by one the other campers started to wander over.  We took out the butter and sugar, as well as a few plates.  Before we knew it everyone had a fresh hot tortilla.  They were definitely a hit. 

In addition to hanging out doing a whole lot of nothing, SIL1 and I went for a long hike early Sunday morning.  Abby accompanied us.  It has been a whole year since we’ve camped in that part of the mountains and I didn’t realize how much I missed it.  It was great, too, spending time with SIL1.  She, like my husband, is a great conversationalist. 

The weekend seem to go by in a flash.  It seem to be quicker than even last year.  SIL1 made mention of that as well.  I guess that’s what happens when you enjoy yourself.  MIL said she would like to go back again and she talked about all the articles of clothing she’d have to get; new boots, thermal underwear, a jacket, etc…  Now MIL is a very traditional Mexican lady.  She wore a skirt all weekend and she wears her waist-long hair up in a bun.  I’m still trying to picture her in boots and thermal underwear and I just can’t see it. 

Upon arriving home on Monday, the Smokester’s little shadow could be seen from under the door to our bedroom.  I picked her up to say hello and she immediately pulled away from me.  I placed her down and she ran into the laundry room only to curl up on a towel I was getting ready to throw into the wash.  She ignored me for the rest of the night.  That was one miffed mustelid, I’ll tell you!

As of Tuesday though I seem to be back in her good graces and she was accepting and giving kisses again.  The boy who was watching her said she was fine.  I noticed her toys had been pulled out so I can see that he actually did come over and play with her.  My one concern was that she might get stepped on where she has a habit of sticking so close to feet.  I had warned the boy several times about that.  He is actually 6’5″ so he is not built like a boy. Everything went well though.  Next time though I think the Smokester will come with us.  I thought about her several times over the weekend and hoped she was okay.  My phone also died on the first day and wouldn’t you know I had forgotten my charger on the counter.  Luckily everything was fine. 

So there it is.  Another Labor Day Weekend down.

Bring On The Weekend!

Well, I’m sure as heck hoping this day goes by fast because tomorrow we leave for our annual camping trip and I for one can’t wait!  It’s been somewhat of a challenging week where Hubby has been working all kinds of strange hours and I have been fighting a cold for almost two weeks now.  Our next door neighbor’s teenage son has graciously agreed to watch the Smokester while we are away.  I gave instructions that she would need to be held and cuddled for awhile.  Can you tell I’m feeling some guilt leaving her?   Luckily ferrets sleep a lot.


Each night we’ve done something to either prepare or clean for the trip.  Tonight is grocery shopping night so I will be stocking up on all the proper provisions, including s’more fixings and lots of wine.  Bizarre combination, I know, but when camping you do what you have to do.  😉  The turkey is defrosting in the fridge and I will also be making homemade cranberry sauce this evening to have with it Saturday night.  Clothes are packed; shorts and t-shirts for the days, jeans and sweatshirt for the nice cool nights.  And also polar fleece winter p.j.’s! Oh, can’t wait! 

Please keep your fingers crossed that we get there okay.  We were lucky last year and arrived without incident, but in past years that wasn’t always the case.  Three Labor Day weekends ago I decided to give Hubby a break from driving and ended up rear-ending this poor lady on the freeway when traffic slowed to a crawl.  Luckily she was okay and her pickup only received minor damage.  On another trip during Memorial Day weekend, while I was driving again (of course) the truck started to overheat.  It was rainy and foggy in the mountains and suddenly the truck started to overheat.  Hubby was yelling for me to pull over but there really wasn’t a good place to do it.  I tried to get over to the side of the road but the ground had turned to mud with the rain.  Suddenly we found ourselves stuck in a ditch with mud covering up most of  the tires.  We had to wait 4 hours for a tow truck.  Finally, Labor Day weekend two years ago, the truck broke down again.  We were able to make it to the nearest town but the part we needed to fix the truck wasn’t available.  SIL3 and her husband were kind enough to pick up the part and drive out a few hours to where we were.  The truck was fixed and our trip was saved.  So. . .this is why I say please keep your fingers crossed for us.  🙂  I will say that in all of these incidents we came across the kindest people who asked if we needed help or offered us a soda or snacks while we waited for help.  Incredibly kind.

Work has been going well.  We’ve been using the new contractors and I have also taken over a portion of the work which requires some creative writing.  So far it’s been really fun placing this document together for clients.  I have to do research on certain topics to include in the document and it has really been an enjoyable experience.  The Instigator, as I’ve started to acknowledge this individual, started in on me last week over email.  Rather than get upset I treated them with more niceness than was necessary and thanked them for their input.  This seem to only antagonize The Instigator more but I wouldn’t give in.   My need for peace at work far outweighs my need to be right.  Funny enough I really haven’t heard much from this individual much this week.

Well, had the first Dunkin Donuts pumpkin (iced of course) coffee of the season this morning.  Even though its going to be well over 100 today I can at least start anticipating cooler temps.  I hope you all have something wonderful planned this weekend, even if you’re just staying in for some R & R, enjoy!