QotD: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Would you rather be pampered at a luxurious beachside resort or visit exotic cities and learn as much as possible about the local culture and people?
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I'd rather visit the exotic cities.  Suntans fade and touristy gifts sooner or later end up in the Goodwill pile.  Here is a place I'd like to see sooner rather than later:


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Daylight Savings began last night at 2 a.m. What's your favorite part about gaining an extra hour in your day? Least favorite?

I live in Arizona and we stay the same year round.  Only the Navajo Nation observes.  In the middle of the summer this is the last place where we would want an extra hour of daylight.  It's 110 in the shade.  I do, however, like the fact that when tv shows are broadcast to come on at 9pm that they do instead of 10pm.  This happens basically because the programming comes out of California which observes Daylight Savings, therefore we are on the same clock from now until November.

My least favorite part is trying to call relatives back east at a decent hour.  They are now 3 hours ahead.

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QotD: 40 Days & 40 Nights

Many people choose to give something up for the 40-day period known as Lent that starts today, Ash Wednesday. If you observe this custom, what are you giving up and why? If you don't, tell us what you could never give up for 40 days.

Coffee!  This is something that I drink every single day without fail.  It's my one consistent vice so therefore in honor of Lent, I'm giving it up.

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