Monsoon Mischief

Here's my little munchkin, Monsoon, curled up in her sleep sack. 

Although sleeping seems to be priority numero uno these days, she's gotten a bit fiesty in her old age. 

She's had me wrapped around her little paw since day 1.  Sometimes I'll be hanging out in the Girl-Cave just watching tv on the fainting sofa when she decides she must be up there too.  Although she is quite capable of getting her little fuzzy butt up there herself, she's decided that its much more fun to have Mom do it for her. 

Despite my encouragement of "Come on!  You can do it!"  she gives me this look as if to say "I'm too little. . .oh, this is so hard!  Can't you help me?  I'm almost seven years old you know!"  Yes, she's got me under her paw.  I lift her up and scratch under her chin.  She closes her eyes to half mast and wraps one little paw around my forefinger. 

The 'can't get up on the fainting sofa' bit is all an act.  While I get ready for work in the bathroom I will suddenly hear some serious scratching sounds coming from the aforementioned fainting sofa.  She is digging so furiously into the back of the cushion that she doesn't notice me approaching.  I remove her from the sofa, give her a stern 'No' and return to the bathroom.  You see, its just a game.  Two seconds later she is at it again.  Don't know what she thinks is down there.  Weasel Wonderland?  This goes on for several more times until finally I learn to say nothing while removing her.  This apparently takes the fun out of it if you are not yelled at.  Oddly enough I learned this trick while watching that show with the British nannies who subject themselves to young American hellions.  Who would have thunk that it works on ferrets, too.

I often come home to see her asleep in the wierdest positions in her ferret condo.  Hind legs are flat on the floor, then her back is twisted so she is bent completely in half, and her front half is facing up with her paws standing straight in the air.  Not sure how she does it.  If she were X-rayed this is what I'm sure they'd find inside:



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