Taking A New Approach

Last night I decided that this would be my last week at Weight Watchers.  After 5 weeks, I finally lost .8 lbs and gained my 10 lbs ribbon.  Finally!  Its been somewhat of a frustrating journey to put in all this effort and see very little results.  My husband has told me that it is more than just a number on a scale.  While I agree with him there, I don't feel really any different.  I can't look at myself and think, wow, I'm really getting somewhere.  However, in two weeks I'll have my cholesterol checked.  It'll be interesting to see.

After speaking with my Mom over the weekend, she told me that she also had hit a stand still with Weight Watchers.  She tried the South Beach Diet and said she had more success.  So…I'm going to give this a try.  Our local library has a couple of copies of the book so I'm heading over there this evening to check one out.  From what I've heard, the first two weeks you don't eat any carbs.  Yeah, I say this while sitting here eating whole grain pretzels.  That will take a little getting used to but I'm willing to give it a try.  I'll start that up next Monday.  I will miss the variety of Weight Watchers but figure I might be able to go back to it once I get over this hump.  We'll see.


Here is the latest weapon in my weight loss arsenal.  I got this food scale at Target over the weekend.  One thing I noticed is that I haven't been eating as much as I should be.  I've overcompensated on Weight Watchers points when I could've eaten a bit more.  I'm wondering if this has slowed my metabolism to the point where I'm no longer dropping weight like I was. 

The same friend I hike with asked me to join her and Matt at Shaw Butte again this past Sunday evening.  I agreed to go and then questioned our sanity where temps where still hovering around 110 here at the time we met.  I grabbed my camel-bak backpack filled with water and a large bottled water for the car ride home.  I figured at this point that I should be well acclimated to the heat where this is my ninth summer here in Phoenix.  This time around I did pretty well.  I'm still sucking in air like a drowing person while heading up but I could move a bit quicker.  At one point we were headed up the butte where the sun was still beating down on us.  It was probably around the second highest incline.  I think I may have had too much water at that point because I thought I was going to hurl.  It passed though luckily and I was able to make it to the top and back.  It is quite possibly the toughest hike I've ever done.  Due to the water intake throughout that hike, I found myself in the bathroom pretty much every hour of the night.  Needless to say I was tired yesterday morning but felt great from all the endorphins.  Last night I went to bed at 8:30pm.

In addition to trying some harder workout routines, I've decided to walk Abby before work.  You should've seen her this morning when I grabbed her leash.  You would've thought she won the doggy lottery.  She was so excited!  So this will probably be an every morning thing for us going forward.


Here is Abby post-walk laying on the new throw rug I also picked up over the weekend.  Monsoon had decided to join her.  This is an extremely rare moment that the both of them are actually laying next to each other and aren't poised in attack mode.  Glad there was a camera nearby.  I texted this picture to my husband with the title reading "Seeing is believing…"

Maybe its the heat.  😉

Where Abby sheds so much I'm sure that throw rug will be the same color as her soon.  Guess I'll have to figure out how many calories I'll burn vacuuming up all that dog hair.






















 And finally, here are Ruben and me at the Diamondbacks game Friday night.  I was actually surprised to see all the healthy choices you could get there on the menu.  Turkey meatball subs, turkey burgers, turkey hotdogs, fresh fruit with yogurt dip.  It all sounded great however, I still chose to use my points on a ballpark frank.  Some things can't be substituted.

Have a great & healthy week! 

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Peaks, Valleys, Plateaus and Snow

This picture really doesn't have much to do with the entry for today but I do really like black & white photography so thought I'd include it.

I haven't posted much about the weight loss progress.  It seems that I've encountered another plateau.  Last week was only 1/2 pound, which I'll take.  At least its not a gain.  :)  However, when I weighed myself yesterday morning I was mysteriously up 2 lbs.  (and there was no weasel behind me on the scale to blame) This was inspite of healthy eating, a run, a kickboxing class, a long walk, and some serious house cleaning this past week. 

So Thursday I will go for weigh in and hopefully by then I'll be down a bit.  I think I'll just have to accept the fact that I may not be down 20 lbs. total by my sister's wedding in early July.  But that's okay.  I've worked hard to get where I'm at now and am all the healthier for it.  Right now I'm still hovering around the 10 lbs lost mark.

Last night I received a call somewhat late. I was surprised that the friendly voice on the other line was my next door neighbor's cousin who had moved to the neighborhood from the east coast about a year or so ago.  I had met her before and was pleasantly surprised to see her at the first Weight Watchers meeting in early April.  She had gotten my number from her cousin and when she didn't see me at last night's weigh in she called to check in.  I thought that was incredibly kind.  She also started on the same night as I did and has lost 14 lbs total.  She told me not to give up or get discouraged.  While I am a bit discouraged, I will not give up.  Something's got to give here soon.  Anyways, I thought that was incredibly nice of her to go through the trouble of getting my number and then calling.  She and I are going to get together to exercise some time next week.  It will be nice to have another exercise buddy.

We are so lucky that Mother Nature has decided to wait before breaking out the Big Heat!  I actually woke up cold this morning and had to turn off the ceiling fan.  Interestingly enough, two years ago we went camping in the eastern part of the state over Memorial Day weekend and it snowed!  Yes, in May in Arizona it snowed.  I don't think it'll be the same this year but I'm sure it will be chilly.  I'm already looking forward to hunkering down under the warm comforter and feather mattress.  Three days and counting!       

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Tales From The New Scale – (6)

"Ohh, now there are two!"


"I kinda like the new one.  It has shiny stuff on it."

Well, last night's weigh-in was a complete success.  :)  Thanks my friends, for your encouragement and advice after last week's disappointment.  Zak Klemmer, thanks for the breakfast suggestion!  I did try it.  Here are the current stats:

This week: 3.8 lbs.

Total: 9.2 lbs.

To go: 10.8 lbs.

Almost half way there!

As mentioned before, Monsoon loves to sit on the scale.  Yesterday when weighing myself I was actually up a pound.  Then I felt a cold little nose on my ankle.  I wasn't alone on the scale apparently.  Guess the queen was not too happy I was on her new "throne."  ;-) 



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Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day – Week 5

Last night's weigh in was very discouraging.  I somehow managed to gain back 1.4 lbs.  I'm not sure how that happened.  Was it the half a shot of tequila Saturday night?  I think the culprit may be the fact that I didn't drink as much water as I should have.  Last night my rings were really tight.  I hope that's all it is.  I mean I ran Saturday morning and I was very careful about food choices at the barbecue.  What gives? 

Anyways, I'll be slamming the water today and every day going forward.  Last night I was getting ready to get on the elevator when I noticed a bunch of folks exiting through the staircase.  Don't ask me why I didn't think of that.  I'm only on the third floor but still –every little bit helps.

The 10 lbs mark may not be as in close of reach as I had hoped however, I've changed my goal reward.  Originally I said I would treat myself to some cosmetics but getting a new pair of running shoes just seems to be a better reward.  My knee has been sore since running on Saturday.  I was trying to remember when I purchased my current pair and I can't remember.  They may have been purchased back in Boston.  Have I mentioned that I've lived in Arizona for almost 9 years????  Yes, it's way beyond time!

So my goal for this week is to slam the water.


Here's today's breakfast.  It's a slice of Trader Joes low-fat french toast with sugar-free syrup and bananas.  I like this because I can keep the french toast in the freezer at work and then heat it up in the toaster oven.  Easy & yummy! 

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Another Week, Another Tale From The Scale (4)

It's Tuesday so I'll cut right to the chase and get to my stats for the week:


This week: 1.6 lbs.

Total Lost: 7 lbs.

To go: 13 lbs.

Finally I feel like I'm getting somewhere.  I can see a change in my face a little bit and also in my arms.  I've heard it been said that weightloss starts in the upper body first. 

Yesterday morning I started to feel a little strange.  I felt slightly nauseous and just blah.  It was very similar to how I feel after a deep tissue massage or a really heavy workout.  Ruben told me yesterday that he had felt the same way off and on.  We've really changed our diet so that we are eating a lot more organic foods and a lot less of processed foods.  Maybe we are going through some kind of chemical withdrawal.  I don't know.  It did pass though.  We are slamming the water so hopefully that'll help flush any remaining toxins out.

Last week I had to go to the doctors.  He was the first person that has ever referred to me as 'middle aged'.  It took me a second or two to realize he was talking to me. I almost looked behind me.  And I thought the first time I was referred to as 'ma'am' rather than 'miss' was bad!  Eh.  The same doctor said I shouldn't bother taking that Benecol stuff and that it was just junk.  Well, I've already ordered it so we'll see.

My goal for the week is to just keep on doing what I'm doing.  When I hit the 10 lbs mark I'm going to treat myself to a few MAC cosmetics.  They have the best things.  I'm guessing that will take another 2-3 weeks.

I wanted to include a picture of my lunch today.  I made the same thing yesterday and it was absolutely delicious.  It's 2 tablespoons of spicy hummus on whole grain bread with shredded carrots and thinly sliced cucumbers.  I knew it would be good but it was even better than I thought.  I think the extra spice in the hummus made the difference.


  Here's to a happy healthy week!

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Tales From The Scale – Week 3

Yesterday was Monday so I went up to get weighed in and was pleasantly surprised to be down another few pounds.  So far this hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be to stay on a weightloss plan.  I was in Tucson over the weekend and still splurged on a tamale and a steaming bowl of menudo served with a bolillo roll.  Here are my stats for the week:

Lost: 2.8 lbs

Total Lost: 5.4 lbs

To go: 14.6 lbs

One of my goals from last week was to increase the exercise.  Well, over Saturday and Sunday I walked over 10 miles.  A girlfriend and I were going to sign up for a race in Sabino Canyon late Saturday afternoon.  Although we didn't actually sign up for it, we just showed and walked it.  It was quite hilly in areas, especially at the end.  I was completely out of breath and didn't think I'd be able to make it.  However I kept pushing forward.  It really is mind over matter.  Sabino Canyon was 3.5 miles in and 3.5 miles out.  We did a smaller hike on Sunday on flat ground and that was a little over three miles. 

Clothes are starting to feel looser already.  I love that!  In addition to having clothes just fit better, I want my cholesterol to be at a normal level.  I get these emails from the hungrygirl.com website that feature recipes and other little tips.  Someone had sent in a question regarding high cholesterol.  The response was that the person had used an item called Benecol to lower their cholesterol.  I guess it contains plant sterols.  I figured, what the heck, I'll give it a try.  I don't have medical insurance and I'm not fond of placing chemicals in my body to control things so this may work.  I ordered it online because the local CVS didn't carry it.  I'll post how it works in a few months.  They are caramel flavored so maybe I'll feel like I'm getting a treat.  Hope they're not nasty.  Has anybody ever tried these before?  I'd be interested in hearing.


I haven't thought up a goal for this week yet but I'm sure I'll think of one.  Hope everyone is having a great week!

*Disclaimer: I don't endorse the product in the picture.  I've never tried it.  I apologize if this came off like an infomercial or worse yet, spam (ick!).

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Tales From The Scale – Week 2

Last night was weigh in at Weight Watchers.  In all honesty I wasn't expecting to have lost that much.  My fingers were swollen and I just didn't feel any different.  I was surprised to see that I was down some.  Here are my results:


     -2.6 lbs

     17.4 lbs to go!

I guess that is a good start.  I won't complain.  It's not like I'm a contestant on the Biggest Loser or something.  This stuff is going to take time so I will celebrate these accomplishments each week no matter how small.  After weigh in there is a half hour meeting.  In all honesty I figured I'd be bored but I really did learn some things from the other members. 

We did a major grocery shop over the weekend.  There is a local dollar store that sells produce and frozen items.  I was able to get quite a bit of fruit & veggies there.  They also had Lean Cuisine frozen meals for a buck.  Those are usually quite expensive in a regular grocery store.  I also hit up Trader Joes which has a variety of things that are lower in sugar, which is great for my diabetic husband.  We stocked up on whole wheat pasta, turkey meatballs, edamame (I love that with a little bit of sea salt), whole wheat english muffins and almond butter.  I think part of being successful at eating healthier is variety.

My goal for this week is to increase the exercise.  I went out and ran/walked on Saturday, but that was it for the whole week.  Time to step it up.

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Tales from the Scale – Take 1

After much deliberation I decided to commit myself to a weightloss program.  My sister is getting married on the 4th of July so that gives me approximately a little less than three months to lose 20 lbs.  I think this is a realistic goal.  Also, a few weeks back I had my cholesterol checked.  Although it was down 32 points, it is still well over 200.  Yikes!  I suppose its like getting a D- on a test after getting a series of F's.  It's better but not great.

My weightloss program of choice is Weight Watchers.  I was not thrilled about joining them in all honesty.  A few years back I lost 32 lbs on that program and truth be told I am so darn sick of counting points! However, I have a husband that likes to cook and Weight Watchers still allows me to eat what he makes –but in moderation.  I believe their tag line included 'there are no forbidden foods.'  I do like that.  So I'm sucking it up and making the effort.  And no, I don't work for them or anything of the sort.  They just happen to be the easiest and cheapest.  I started Monday.  So far so good.  I tried on a pair of jeans this morning that were growing a bit snug after my weekend visit to Boston a few weeks ago, and they are definitely a bit looser.  Can't complain there!

Today I also started a new group on Vox called 'Losin' It'.  I noticed how few groups there were on the subject and thought, what the heck.  I'll start my own.  I hope in time that it will filled with contributing members.  I'm sure we'd all have a lot to learn from each other.

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